Mega Mission 2 Conclusion

Another Mega Mission adventure draws to a close.

Card No. 75 Description (Back):
Title (Front): Order Breaker

DATA: A Limited that developed using Doppler’s residual data. He used that knowledge to capture X in order to further his own evolution.

WEAPON: Wields the Remeet Smasher and Sabre Grapp, two ultra-powerful weapons!!

Title (Back):
Notes: He was slightly visible from other cards, particularly 71, but here we finally get a really good look at Tackione. At the top of his body is a green dome, and inside is the partially reconstructed head of Doppler, equipped with the classic “cyborg eye” look. It reminds me of another head-under-glass cyborg scientist, Dr. Vile of the Zero series. Tackione wears a cape similar to the coat Doppler wore in the first Mega Mission as well, and features Doppler’s characteristic ratchet-fingers. His chest adorns the face of Limited, and the design incorporates many tentacle-like wires connecting different parts of his body. His buster, the Remeet Smasher, is the first to have a large crystal-like protrusion covering over the nozzle, something that the later Mega Mission armors would incorporate. The Remeet Smasher has a slanted opening at the tip of this covering that is seemingly able to change the spread of his attack.
Card No. 76 Description (Back):
Title (Front): Mega Mission 2 Story 17

“I have acquired all of Doppler’s knowledge! There is no one in existence who can best me!!” Tackione announced, determined to deliver the final blow to both injured men. Tackione fired relentlessly, narrowly missing Zero and X.

Tackione vs X & ZERO
Title (Back):
Tackione vs the Damaged Duo
Notes: Tackione, or should we say Doppler Limited, attempts to take advantage of the situation and claim his victory. Our dazed heroes barely manage to dodge his assault. X and Zero have been in bad scrapes before, but in their current state, things are looking grim. Can they still hope to stand against Limited’s strongest evolution yet?
Card No. 77 Description (Back):
Title (Front): Mega Mission 2 Story 18

Realizing that Zero’s damage had been inflicted by his own buster, X quickly understood what had happened to himself during this incident, and launched himself against Tackione. Dodging Tackione’s Sabre Grapp and wresting his beam sabre away, X struck back against his tormentor.

ROCKMAN X vs Tackione
Title (Back):
Rockman X vs Tackione
Notes: X has snapped back into action, and as expected has risen to the occasion in rare form! Taking Tackione by surprise, he is even able to claim his enemy’s own weapon from him! X’s will to protect his friend makes even his unarmored form a force to be reckoned with, but don’t expect Tackione to just roll over and die. X’s small victory hasn’t won this war yet!
Card No. 78 Description (Back):
Title (Front): Repligigant

DATA: For the sake of defeating X, Tackione mutated himself into his evolved gigantic final mode. The power concealed within his grotesque body is impossible to quantify.

WEAPON: His capability for destructive mayhem coupled with his ingenious intellect is his greatest weapon!!

Tackione – Final Mode
Title (Back):
Tackione Final Mode
Notes: Unwilling to permit X’s stunt heroics, Tackione kicks it up a notch and transforms to Repligigant form, much as his predecessor Mother Limited did. The picture on this holo card is the only one where you get a good idea of how huge Tackione Final Mode is, but it also shows X battling him with an armor that he hasn’t acquired yet in the story. This is probably done to give this armor more exposure, since otherwise there are only 2 cards where you can really see and appreciate it. In short, the picture on the card takes place between cards 81 and 83, even though the info on the back is correct for card 78. You can think of it as a preview of the battle to come.
Card No. 79 Description (Back):
Title (Front): Mega Mission 2 Story 19

Achieving his final evolution, the Repligigant Tackione bares his menacing fury, attemting to mow down Zero and X with his enormous claws! Though disadvantaged, the two fought back with all their remaining strength. Finally, Zero decided that he must sacrifice himself and combine their remaining energy in order to stand a chance.

Tackione – Final Mode vs X & ZERO
Title (Back):
Tackione Final Mode vs Double Heroes
Notes: This is one uphill battle that Zero recognizes they cannot win. Because X’s body has endured less damage, Zero knows that he has the best chance for survival. Perhaps, if the Neo Armor’s energy can be transfered to X’s able body… it’s their only hope!
Card No. 80 Description (Back):
Title (Front): Mega Mission 2 Story 20

No longer able to move, Zero imparts to X one final request.
“X, I’m transferring all my energy over to you… No matter what happens… You must defeat Tackione!!”
In that instant, Zero’s Neo Buster and Neo Armor disappeared, and X became the sole inheritor of all that power!!

Title (Back):
Zero to X, Infinite Energy
Notes: The picture shows Zero’s energy transfered to X, and a new buster forming on X’s hand, but that’s just for starters. In combining with X, a power even greater than the Neo Armor is about to be born!
Card No. 81 Description (Back):
Title (Front): Irregular Hunter

DATA: All of Zero’s energy was handed down to X, forming a new armor. This unrivaled armor can repel any attack!

WEAPON: The Giga Buster and Giga Sabre, possessing the ability to destroy any kind of enemy!!

Title (Back):
Rockman X (Giga Armor)
Notes: Another holo card used to showcase an armor transformation. Though some fans use this title to refer to the X2 armor, this is the only armor to ever be officially dubbed the Giga Armor. This glowing armor gives off the aura of an invincible warrior of justice. Even the sabre X snatched up from Tackione has been transformed to an unparalleled instrument of righteous fury. This armor also conceals a familiar secret weapon…
Card No. 82 Description (Back):
Title (Front): Mega Mission 2 Story 21

Empowered by the Giga Armor, X renewed his fight against Tackione. Overflowing with energy, the slice of X’s Giga Sabre parted the air itself, as the Giga Buster roared like thunder!! The last battle of X and Tackione had now truly begun.

X vs Tackione – Final Mode
Title (Back):
Rockman X (Giga Armor) vs Tackione Final Mode
Notes: What happens when warriors who are as Gods collide? The earth itself trembles beneath their feet! An all-out death match between good and evil has broken out, and the fate of the world will be decided once again.
Card No. 83 Description (Back):
Title (Front): Mega Mission 2 Story 22

The Giga Armor stored up a vast excess of energy. X decided to lay everything on the line, and called upon the very limits of his power to unleash one final special move, the Giga Crush!! Both Tackione and X’s Giga Armor gave way to annihilation as the entire area was engulfed in a blinding flash of light!

Giga Crush!!
Title (Back):
Explosion! Giga Crush!!
Notes: Our final holo card gives accent to the explosive force of the Giga Crush. Incinerating the enemy and even itself, this Giga Crush packs a much bigger bang than the X2 armor did. Can it be that at long last, Limited is no more?
Card No. 84 Description (Back):
Title (Front): Mega Mission 2 Epilogue

When it was all over, a stillness settled over the area. X stood tall, supporting Zero on his shoulder. Though Tackione’s threat had abated, there was no guarantee that Limited had been completely exterminated. His chest swelling with renewed determination, X marched on. His battle has still not concluded!!

ROCKMAN X vs Tackione
Title (Back):
The Calm Before the Storm? An Eerie Silence.
Notes: Similar to the ending of Mega Mission 1, the battle has ended, but no sense of peace has befallen our heroes. Foreshadowing that Limited has not been extinguished here, the image on this card portrays X and Zero in battle poses over a backdrop of Limited reformed. Another sequel was already in the cards for X, with the final segment of the Mega Mission trilogy just around the corner! Enjoy the armistice while it lasts, Irregular Hunters! Another war is looming just over the horizon!

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