Mega Mission 2, Part 3

Continued from Part 2.

Card No. 67 Description (Back):
Title (Front): Order Breaker

DATA: Grown from a portion of Tackione that was separated. Despite his large build, he is actually quite quick and dexterous, and enjoys using his freely contractible neck to toy with his victims.

WEAPON: Specializes in Machine Grapp, a hand-to-hand fighting style that utilizes his spherical body.

Title (Back):
Notes: The giant dude of the trio, but with a twist this time, in that he’s actually fast and agile as well as huge and strong. His neck is tensile and can come out of his body like a snake in a turtle shell. Not mentioned, but his other limbs also seem to be capable of extending out and retracting into his body to some extent. He has a lot of elbows, and his face resembles a gas mask. A stylized skull pattern adorns his globe-like torso. Of the Order Breakers, his design is the most unique.
Card No. 68 Description (Back):
Title (Front): Mega Mission 2 Story 12

Zero obtained the Neo Armor, his body coursing with power! Then Tackione and the Order Breakers appeared on the scene. To their surprise, the Neo Armor completely neutralized the effects of the Limited Field!
“Bring it on… Zero…!”
Bloodione lost his temper, and with that, challenged Zero to battle!!

ZERO vs Bloodione
Title (Back):
Zero vs Bloodione
Notes: The picture shows Bloodione, limbs and neck extended and engaged in battle with Zero. Bloodione’s fighting technique the “Machine Grapp” is comparable to a repliroid form of Sumo wrestling. Bloodione is like the lovechild of E. Honda and Dhalsim, except he’s also a robot.
Card No. 69 Description (Back):
Title (Front): Order Breaker

DATA: Like Bloodione, his body was made from a piece of Tackione which separated and matured. An extremely resourceful Order Breaker with a cruel and ruthless demeanor.

WEAPON: By crossing both arms, he can fire the Arrow Shot.

Title (Back):
Notes: Meant to resemble the martial arts stereotype of long-haired warrior who fights using his braids, Luxione winds up looking and feeling a great deal like Schmitt of the previous Mega Mission, slim body, glowing hands and all. This card describes “Order Breaker” for the Japanese audience as a destroyer of order/authority/regularity/the powers that be. In English those connotations are explicit enough already, since they are already terms English speakers should be familiar with.
Card No. 70 Description (Back):
Title (Front): Mega Mission 2 Story 13

Bloodione had Zero cornered, and Luxione moved in for the kill. But Zero dodged his Arrow Shot and returned fire. Unleashing the Neo Buster at maximum output, Zero blasted clear through Luxione and Bloodione with a single shot! Well done, Zero! Only Tackione himself remained!

ZERO vs Luxione
Title (Back):
Zero vs Luxione
Notes: The picture shows Luxione and Zero engaged in close combat. Zero tackled both fiends at once, but Tackione isn’t shaking in his boots yet. He has another surprise for Zero.
Card No. 71 Description (Back):
Title (Front): Mega Mission 2 Story 14

Zero has obliterated 2 of the Order Breakers, but Tackione’s ominous smile was unwaivering. “After all, I only created those offshoots for amusement. I still have another disciple. The strongest one, in fact…”
Another figure was revealed behind Tackione… Who is this “strongest one”…?

Title (Back):
Tackione’s Secret Weapon?!
Notes: Visible on the card, Tackione has moved to reveal none other than X wearing some kind of Limited armor. The art of X with half his face obscured in darkness is greatly iconic.
Card No. 72 Description (Back):
Title (Front): Replicapture

DATA: A Limited created by Tackione has preyed upon the body of X. It’s reached the point that it can even manipulate X’s mind.

WEAPON: Limited has mutated X’s buster, creating the Remeet X Buster.

Title (Back):
Rockman X (Replicapture)
Notes: Rockman X, champion of justice and greatest creation of Dr. Right, reduced to the puppet of a soul-sucking parasite? Say it ain’t so! Reversed from their usual X-series roles, X has gone over to the dark side and Zero must do all he can to either bring back his friend, or stop him by any means necessary. Long before the Zero series, and even before X4’s ending where X requested Zero take care of him if he were to ever go irregular, this is the very first time a heroic Zero had to battle with X. An X powered up by Limited’s Replicapture armor and Remeet X Buster to boot. With both contenders at such heights of power, this is one fight that earns the title of epic!
Card No. 73 Description (Back):
Title (Front): Mega Mission 2 Story 15

Now the pawn of Tackione, Replicapture X began a furious assault on Zero! But Zero dodged X’s barrage without raising an eyebrow. Is there any way Zero can rescue his friend from this fate?

Title (Back):
Zero vs Rockman X (Replicapture)
Notes: Though probably clear from the context alone, “without raising an eyebrow” is a Japanese expression comparable to “without breaking a sweat” or “without missing a beat.” The image on the card depicts Zero yanking on the wire protruding from X’s buster while firing Scrap Shoot at the ground in front of X, in hopes its shrapnel will rebound and do some damage to that Replicapture armor. Zero’s taking some risks, working hard to try and free his friend, but the Remeet X Buster can do some serious damage that even the Neo Armor won’t protect him from. Careful Zero, you’re the world’s only hope!
Card No. 74 Description (Back):
Title (Front): Mega Mission 2 Story 16

At long last, the battle between Zero and X came to an end. With Zero’s Neo Buster having destroyed the Limited that was feeding upon him, X’s body returned to its normal form. However, Zero had likewise fallen prey to X’s buster, his own body now greatly wounded.

Title (Back):
Comrades, Collide!
Notes: The dying Limited cells can be seen dripping off of X’s restored body. Smoke rises off from both combatants. Good has prevailed over evil, yet at a high cost. Zero succeeded in returning X to normal, but has himself been critically injured. Similar to X5, the duel ends in a draw that leaves both characters weak and tired. Unlike X5, there’ll be no time to recover before the last battle begins! Coming up next, the final showdown with Tackione!

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