Mega Mission 2 Translation, part 1

When something is as popular as Rockman X Mega Mission became, trust Capcom and Bandai to capitalize. The sequel to Mega Mission was released in the first quarter of 1996, to an eager audience. This one takes place after X3, and introduces the Order Breakers, some very familiar seeming villains who are the heirs of Doppler’s evil legacy. Riding high on his popularity as a newly playable character, Zero has a much larger role this time, including for the first time ever, receiving his own armor from Dr. Right. It also gave fans another taste of “what if X went bad?” but without the cop-out of taking the evil clone approach. Before I give too much away, here goes part 1 of my translation.

Card No. 43 Description (Back):
Title (Front): Irregular Hunters

DATA: The Special A class Irregular Hunter combo which resolved many serious incidents in the past. Their personalities may differ, but their hearts are united in opposition of evil!

WEAPON: Perhaps their true weapon is the strength of their friendship, their unyielding bond, and the mutual confidence they share in one another…?!

Title (Back):
Rockman X & Zero
Notes: Similar to card 01, this holo card re-introduces our protagonists and re-assets the theme of their camaraderie and co-reliance. The format of the cards has been revamped and brightened up. They now include the words “ROCKMAN X ANOTHER STORY” and “EPISODE 2 VS REVENGE LIMITED” on the upper left and right corners. The holo-stickers have been redesigned as well, now varying between “X MEGA MISSION,” an all-new Limited “L” logo, and “ROCKMAN X VS LIMITED.” Even with all these changes, many story elements are repeated from the first series.
Card No. 44 Description (Back):
Title (Front): Mega Mission 2 Prologue

2 months had passed since the fall of Doppel Town… Once again, “it” had begun to stir… It was thought to have been destroyed for good, but a single cell had survived, and began replicating. In this way, the being which came to call itself Replibrain Tackione was born, and with a singular ambition on its mind.

Title (Back):
Recurring Wave of L
Notes: On the front of this card we’re introduced to our new trio of villains. On the back we learn that Mother Limited seems to have narrowly survived its battle with X and Zero, and has managed to evolve over time into the formidable and mysterious Tackione. Limited’s ability to regenerate itself from a single cell makes it a very resiliant pest to try and eradicate. 8 more regenerated repliroids (seen on the back of the card) are now awaiting rematches, as X and Zero face yet another difficult trial ahead!
Card No. 45 Description (Back):
Title (Front): Remeet Repliroid

DATA: The Speed Demon of the Desert, resurrected through fusion with Limited. Though his flight abilities have not been restored, he has gained even greater mobility than ever!

WEAPON: The Sonic Slicer’s power has more than doubled from what it was before!!

Title (Back):
Sonic Ostreague Limited
Notes: Our first Remeet Repliroid. The English titles on the cards are vastly improved over the first Mega Mission, now using proper lower case letters even. Still a bit shaky with their use of spaces, though.
Card No. 46 Description (Back):
Title (Front): Mega Mission 2 Story 1

X was sent to investigate a mysterious case where all repliroids within an entire city suddenly went irregular all at once, when he encountered Sonic Ostreague L. The past battle data in X’s buster underwent a weapon change to Crystal Hunter that repelled Ostreague.

X vs Sonic-Ostreague-L
Title (Back):
X vs Sonic Ostreague Limited
Notes: An entire city turned to irregulars? Talk about a dangerous assignment, even if there weren’t a bunch of Remeet Repliroids lurking around. Apparently this city borders a sandy desert, where Ostreague sees appropriate to ambush our hero. Luckily, X had the foresight to pack his old special weapons cache (or did he?) and Ostreague succumbs to his old weakness once again.
Card No. 47 Description (Back):
Title (Front): Remeet Repliroid

DATA: Like his older brother Kuwanger, Gravity Beetbood has returned with a new Limited-infused body. Its biggest change is his large reinforced horn.

WEAPON: Now that the Bug Hole has become even stronger, will X be able to escape its crushing pull?!

Title (Back):
Gravity Beetbood Limited
Notes: Gravity Beetbood now resembles a Hercules beetle instead of a Japanese rhinoceros beetle.
Card No. 48 Description (Back):
Title (Front): Mega Mission 2 Story 2

Gravity Beetbood was the next assassin to appear before X. X used the piercing light bullets of the Ray Splasher to trounce Beetbood flawlessly. Unknown to X, lurking in the shadows and observing the battle was the true force behind the irregular outbreak–Tackione and his two accomplices, collectively known as the Order Breakers.

X vs Gravity-Beetbood-L
Title (Back):
X vs Gravity Beetbood Limited
Notes: Now we’re in a forest. It was probably too dangerous to teleport X into the city directly, but he sure does seem to be taking a roundabout way to get there.
Card No. 49 Description (Back):
Title (Front): Remeet Repliroid

DATA: The body of Scissors Shrimper, infused with Limited. His thought circuit has been strengthened along with his weapons, making him even more brutal and cruel!!

WEAPON: The grip on his claws have been strengthened by piston cylinders, enabling him to crush and mangle anything!!

Title (Back):
Scissors Shrimper Limited
Notes: In X3, Shrimper was believed to have a defective thought circuit, which was blamed for his attacking both friend and foe. Now that his thought circuit has been improved, it turns out he just didn’t care after all. This is one crazed crawfish that craves causing carnage!
Card No. 50 Description (Back):
Title (Front): Mega Mission 2 Story 3

X must battle the effects of the Limited Field created by Tackione and his cohorts. This field causes all repliroids within range to become irregulars. But X also has to battle yet another assassin, Scissors Shrimper L. The high electrical voltage of Triad Thunder was able to deal Shrimper a deadly blow.

X vs Scissors-Shrimper-L
Title (Back):
X vs Scissors Shrimper Limited
Notes: We’re still in that forest, but now we have some idea of what’s happening to the city. How long can X hold out against the field’s unrelenting power?
Card No. 51 Description (Back):
Title (Front): Remeet Repliroid

DATA: Penguigo has been revived through fusion with Limited. He was glad that Noumander wasn’t revived at the same time he was.

WEAPON: His freezing cold wave and super-hard body slide attack combo is enough to make any opponent shiver!!

Title (Back):
Icy Penguigo Limited
Notes: With the animosity between Noumander and Penguigo, it’s amazing that Sigma managed to get them to rebel on the same side. Like Beetbood, Penguigo seems to have swapped species from great penguin to crested penguin.
Card No. 52 Description (Back):
Title (Front): Mega Mission 2 Story 4

When he entered the Limited Field, the minute traces of Limited left over inside X’s body began to react. Even without special weapon chips equipped in his buster, X has been able to change his weapons reflexively. Although starting to succumb to the field’s effects, X was able to deflect Penguigo’s attacks and reduce his body to cinders with a blazing wall of Fire Wave.

X vs Icy-Penguigo-L
Title (Back):
X vs Icy Penguigo Limited
Notes: The plot thickens! We’ve now learned that the reason X has been able to change weapons all along has been through the Limited Field’s influence over the residual Limited still left in his body. It seems that X’s victory in the first Mega Mission was incomplete in more ways than one. X may be out of the forest, but he’s not out of the woods yet! At least he was still able to put that foul frigid fowl on ice.
Card No. 53 Description (Back):
Title (Front): Mega Mission 2 Story 5

After X defeated 4 of the revived bosses, Luxione, Bloodione, and Tackione appeared before him. Under their imminent attack, X’s strength finally ran out. The three snatched up X’s collapsed form and were gone! They must plan to do something with Rockman X’s body!!

X vs Order Breaker
Title (Back):
X Down
Notes: X’s energy is finally sapped out by the repeated attacks coupled with the Limited Field effects. The Order Breakers have taken X back with them to their hideout to perform who knows what on him… Will X be able to escape? And where has Zero been all this time? We’ll find out next!

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