Before they were games

I was looking this over at my affiliate Protodude’s Rockman Corner and I must say, early game builds always captivate me. Perhaps because it’s so familiar and yet so different. It’s pretty amazing the stuff that knowledgeable people can find by sifting through the game data, too.

Rockman X Command Mission certainly had a unique direction among the X series. I think they could probably release an entire Complete Works book that’s just Command Mission design sketches and art. I’d really like to see more of it someday.

There was also that X6 Prototype dumped publicly not too long ago, and that was very interesting as well. How games change and evolve over development can be truly surprising and quite revealing.

Mechanical Maniacs’ Megaman Mysteries (in the Nuts & Bolts section) has a large section on early builds and unexplained phenomena for many Mega Man titles. This topic on Rockman Perfect Memories has a lot of collected early Mega Man game pictures and information. And the marvelous Wiki the Cutting Room Floor is collecting and finding new secrets and hidden code from all sorts of games, all the time! I recommend all of these to anyone who, like myself, is fascinated by such things.

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