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Happy Day of Sigma?

While perusing the Compendium of Rockman X recently, I was reminded of an obscure fact. In the American manual for the game Mega Man X, Cain’s journal entry date for Sigma’s rebellion was the fourth of June. Meanwhile in the Japanese version of Cain’s journal that appeared first in the Rockman X PC game manual, Sigma’s rebellion was recorded on July 4 instead.

So, to all the rampaging repliroids of the Far East, have a happy and safe rebellion day. Go bag yourself a human! I’ll be celebrating tomorrow with more Rockman X concept coverage from Club Capcom.

2 Comments to "Happy Day of Sigma?"

  1. sarah rodgers's Gravatar sarah rodgers
    2014/06/27 Friday - 10:12 pm | Permalink

    is there any page that have translated that Compendium of Rockman X book on english? by fansubs?

    or is there an English translation of the rockman x1 Dr. Cain’s journal from the Japanese booklet manual of the game? please.

    in few days we will have again the date of Sigma-zero hour-uprising from the Japanese book version again on 4 of July….

  2. robot17's Gravatar robot17
    2015/06/02 Tuesday - 2:24 am | Permalink

    this week there will be the date of 4 of June is when sigma started the maverick uprising from the english version of the MMX1 game mini book.
    while on the jap version of the MMX1 game book the date was changed into 4 of July.
    anyway, i would like that you translate the Dr. Cain journal from the Japanese version of the game book.
    there may be several others significance difference between jap. and English version of Cain journal story.

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