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Getting In Tune With The Times

Music has always been a huge part of Rockman. Judging from the 3:1 ratio of soundtracks to actual new game releases in the past 5 years (at least), music is now a large part of Capcom’s bottom line for Rockman as well. Between the E-Can, the 25th anniversary Techno and Rock remixes, Rockman Holic and […]

Yusuke Murata’s Epic Rockman

Today’s offering comes from the recent Capcom Heroes 2012 calendar, art by Yusuke Murata. If you’ve perused near the end of the Mega Man Official Complete Works book, you may remember him as the guy who submitted the original Dust Man and Crystal Man designs as a kid, then grew up to become a successful […]

I like big Servbots and I cannot lie…

Free pic this week: Archive image of some Servbots hard at work in the devroom, from way back in 1999! Don’t cry, little guy. We promise that starting the mission doesn’t hurt (too much).

Legendary Artillery

Over and over on the Legends 3 Devroom boards, there have been requests for a strong rival for MegaMan Volnutt. Most of the other Mega Man series have one or more male rival type characters for the main hero. Proto Man, Bass, Zero, Rogue… The ranks of the rivals are many, so it’s no wonder […]

Building a Mega Man

Inspired by the latest Legends 3 Devroom event, we’ll be looking into the original concepts behind Rock Volnutt’s body.

Carddas Loves Tron Bonne

Hooray, the DASH 3 Devroom’s coming back! Let’s celebrate with some Tron pictures!

The Riddle of Dr. Wily

Your Friday art is from Carddas’ All Capcom World ’98 series. This set spanned 186 cards featuring artwork for what were then some of Capcom’s latest games, as well as classic arcade and console titles. While only a handful of these are Rockman related, this one in particular caught my eye. It’s not technically to […]

The Adorable Mobi-chan Girl

Earlier we heard Dr. Right explaining the origins of Capcom’s arcade mini-mascot, and just this week we saw Mobi-chan hanging out in the Capcom Secret Laboratory report on Rockman 2: The Power Fighters (which incidentally, Mobi-chan appears in as bonus item). Now check out Mobi-chan as you’ve never seen before: unmasked to reveal a cute […]

Mecha On Parade

One more big group shot from the Capcom Design Works book: Featured (if you can find them!) are Rockman, X, Zero, and even some Kobuns!

X, Commercialized.

In Japan, Rockman has enjoyed a long history of animated television commercials. Today I’ll be looking at two such commercials for the Rockman X series that aired in the 90s.