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The Power of Love

There’s less than a week left in the year, so let’s end the year with love, memories, and joy! Not mine, but someone else’s. From the pages of CAP! magazine comes Love Love Capcom Characters! Hideki Ishikawa draws some of his favorite Capcom faces. Naturally, there’s some Rockman love in there too! So snuggle up […]

On A Roll

Hey guys! It’s Monday, and that usually means an update here at the Lav! BUT…. I started playing the new Donkey Kong Country this weekend… and haven’t stopped. I’ve barely paused to break for maintaining bodily functions. This game has stolen my soul and hijacked my life (and I’m lovin’ it)! I’m afraid I’m not […]

ZX Tunes Cover Cavalcade

Another of these requests I’ve been meaning to do, though not for as long as the last one. The Rockman ZX Arranged Soundtrack “ZX Tunes” came out in 2006 and sported 8 different CD title cards, each with a unique cover created by an artist who worked with the Rockman series. Apparently images of these […]

TvC: CGoH Endings

This was a request I had a while back. I promised I’d scan these, and promptly totally forgot all about it. But today I’m catching up with some of the things I’ve procrastinated with, and so here we are! The Japanese Tatsunoko vs Capcom Cross Generation of Heroes Official Character Guidebook collected the ending images […]

A busy morning for Mega Man

I don’t usually do current events, but I’m giving it an editorial crack today…

A servbot’s gotta do what a servbot’s gotta do

And sometimes, a servbot’s gotta kick some zombie entrails.

Before they were games

I was looking this over at my affiliate Protodude’s Rockman Corner and I must say, early game builds always captivate me. Perhaps because it’s so familiar and yet so different. It’s pretty amazing the stuff that knowledgeable people can find by sifting through the game data, too.

I like Big O.

The Big O. In the giant mecha genre, it’s something of an acquired taste. But it’s been very inspirational. Rockman MegaMix author Hitoshi Ariga penned the manga adaptation, and Big O’s unique Megadeus style was the inspiration for “Big G” Illumina from Infinity Mijinion’s stage in Rockman X6. So if you’re interested in Big O […]

I couldn’t stop smiling.

One of my favorite costumes I saw at Otakon. I was only there for 20 minutes though, so undoubtedly I sampled only a very small selection of what took place there. It looked like hell to walk around in that getup, especially after the fire alarm went off. Hats off to you, whoever you are. […]

I answer some questions

Hey guys. I know it’s Monday, but I don’t really have anything for you. Sorry, I’ve been kinda busy with other things. So instead, I think I’ll answer a few of the questions I’ve been getting lately.