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Free X Pic Weekend part 2

It’s day 2! Get ready for more Rockman X Carddas!

Free X Pic Weekend part 1

Starting the weekend a little early here! Just like the last free pic weekend, one image goes up each day. So, what’s the subject this time? Four Special holofoil Carddas cards from the Rockman X Revival series!

Carddas Loves Tron Bonne

Hooray, the DASH 3 Devroom’s coming back! Let’s celebrate with some Tron pictures!

The Riddle of Dr. Wily

Your Friday art is from Carddas’ All Capcom World ’98 series. This set spanned 186 cards featuring artwork for what were then some of Capcom’s latest games, as well as classic arcade and console titles. While only a handful of these are Rockman related, this one in particular caught my eye. It’s not technically to […]

It’s Quint’n Time!

The “Spring forward” of daylight savings left me a bit jet-lagged yesterday. Our annual one-hour leap into the future inspired me to take a look at another time-displaced character. You know him, you’re confused by him (and he’s just as confused himself): It’s Quint! Quint HP 500 81. The Rockman of the future, remodeled by […]

Beat It!

Hey, February is National Bird-Feeding Month! I’m taking advantage by spotlighting Rockman’s winged sidekick. Get ready for a Beat-down! (And probably more than a few puns like that one.)

Some days aren’t yours at all.

Hey guys. Sorry, I’ve got nothing done for this Monday. It’s been a troubling couple of days. Here, please accept this humble card of Wily having a less than stellar day of his own. Because sometimes we all know how it feels when nothing goes our way, and all our best laid plans come crashing […]

Peace on Earth? Ill Will Between Robots!

Because some some friends of mine agreed, we need more Terra! Rockman vs Earth 202. You may have defeated me once, but you won’t defeat me again! Enjoy your holiday break!

Carddas Countdown Celebration Complete!!

Happy Birthday Mega Man!!

Carddas Countdown Celebration: 2, 1…

Japan is a little over half a day ahead of us in the states, so Rockman’s birthday really begins this afternoon. With that in mind to those of you in Japan, Happy 23rd Birthday, Rockman! And for the rest of us, one more day!