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Come on guys, no cheating!

Lady Marmalade

There are good cops, and there are bad cops… and then there’s Denise.

The Fine Art of DASH2, Starring #20!

Included in the Rockman DASH 2 Final Digouter’s File is a chapter that’s entirely devoted to showing off design and concept art. Not content to simply display the art, they even got Tron and some of her Kobuns to introduce each piece and even provide some informative commentary! After all, who knows more about their […]

Free Caskett Friday

Your free pic this week is from Tips & Tricks magazine’s May 1998 issue. What big eyes she has! They remind me a bit of Legends 3‘s style. This early illustration of Roll has most of the finer points down, but is still missing some little details, like on the belt and the shoes. The […]

Legendary Artillery

Over and over on the Legends 3 Devroom boards, there have been requests for a strong rival for MegaMan Volnutt. Most of the other Mega Man series have one or more male rival type characters for the main hero. Proto Man, Bass, Zero, Rogue… The ranks of the rivals are many, so it’s no wonder […]

Glyde’s Favorite Subject: Glyde!

Today we got a bit more news on the Legends 3 Prototype Version! The 3DS store should be pretty close to opening, and anticipation for our first hands-on from the project is really building up! And if that isn’t enough DASH for ya, today we’ll be looking at another DASH character, the devilishly narcissistic criminal […]

DASH2’s Leading Ladies Go Undercover

I feel like doing some more DASH today. We already looked at the front inside flap of this jacket cover a while back, and today I’m going to show off the underside of the Rockman DASH 2 Final Digouter’s File. It contains 5 rare sketches to do with the game’s many heroines. Read on!

DASH, Don’t Rush

Yesterday was a huge day for Legends fans. I was the most excited I’ve been about the game since it was first announced last year! I was completely taken aback, seeing what a Legends game made in this decade can be. I am so looking forward to the prologue game. Who’s ready to wall-dash? Since […]

Building a Mega Man

Inspired by the latest Legends 3 Devroom event, we’ll be looking into the original concepts behind Rock Volnutt’s body.

The Lost City of Women

Looks like my Monday post will be late (as usual). In the meantime, have you seen this already? As someone who wondered for a decade what that lost town might have been like, this is a wonder. Kudos to Trege, Protodude, and all the homies at Legends Station for bringing this to the fans’ attention. […]