Helloooooo Nurse!

With the Legends 3 Heroine Contest now over, many have expressed their hope that the designs that didn’t win would still make appearances in the game in some manner. To them I say, there is hope! Some unused main character designs have made their way into the games for minor roles in the past. Characters like Miss Nurse, the long-lost fifth member of MegaMan’s team! Who, you say? Read on!

As Data himself explains in the Rockman DASH Great Adventure Guide on page 26:

Professor Data’s “Uki-Uki!” DASH Laboratory!!

Lesson 1: The Miss Nurse Report!!

Uki~! The DASH Laboratory is my little corner where I’ll be discussing the early concepts and ideas for Rockman DASH~!”

Rock and his pals were almost joined by one more!?
Uki!! To begin our first lesson I’ll be introducing and commemorating the girl who was almost one of our own inner circle! We’ll be calling her Miss Nurse, since that’s what she is. It looks like at times when Rock sustained a serious injury, she’d be the one to nurse him back to health. Roll would be totally jealous of her!”

Drafts for the considered character of Miss Nurse!!

“This seems to be the earliest design. She’s got a really scary syringe arm that’s like her version of the Rockbuster! I bet even Rock would be balling if he had to take a shot from that thing!”

“Phew, looks like they took that syringe away from her arm. Her design was still a bit rough and sketchy at this time.”

“Here her design was pretty much complete! She’s so pretty, isn’t she? I wish I could have been her patient!”

She appears in Lakeside Park!?
“When I visited Lakeside Town’s Hospital, I was in for a surprise! There she was, Miss Nurse! You should go see for yourself!”

She was even included on this proportion chart!
“Check out this really early size chart! On the far left side of the image, did you notice Miss Nurse? If only she had made it to the final cut. Having that lovely Miss Nurse around, my travels would have been much more enjoyable!”

“With a nurse like her, I’d never miss a checkup!”

When I think about all the dangers of being a Digger, I’d have to say it makes a lot of sense to have a reliable medical practitioner on board. Of course, for game play, it’s much more streamlined just to go to Data for all your healing needs.

In addition to treating MegaMan’s injuries, Miss Nurse would probably have also been an assistant to Barrel, attending to his health and stopping him from joining in reckless adventures that are beyond someone of his age. We’ll see her popping up a little more in other profiles later on, giving more clues on the role she was to play in the group.

You’ll notice that on that size chart, they’re using the early version of Miss Nurse with the syringe arm, and similarly early character designs for Roll and Tron. And between Teisel and Miss Nurse… who is that imposing caped figure? That’ll be the subject of another of Dr. Data’s lessons. By the way, where is Data on that chart?

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  1. RADIX's Gravatar RADIX
    2010/12/01 Wednesday - 7:39 pm | Permalink

    So the nurse was going to be a major character? 😮 (I remember seeing excerpts from a porn doujin featuring her, but with all the Servbots around, I thought she was Tron…)

  2. MM Model Q's Gravatar MM Model Q
    2010/12/02 Thursday - 3:03 am | Permalink

    My, that’s very cool. I’ve always thought that nurse had an unusually unique design for a random NPC. It makes good sense that she was originally part of the main cast. I kind of like the Syringe Arm idea, too, but maaaybe not in Legends…

  3. Flame's Gravatar Flame
    2010/12/02 Thursday - 4:09 pm | Permalink

    Im hoping at the very least, the runner ups will become NPC’s around town.

    By the way #20, I dont think you mentioned which of the designs for the L3 heroine you supported.

  4. MM Model Q's Gravatar MM Model Q
    2010/12/03 Friday - 2:34 am | Permalink

    @#20 Hah. I see what you did there. That’s awesome. I always wondered about that guy. I knew he was something special. I would’ve loved to see him in a larger role.

  5. Voulnet's Gravatar Voulnet
    2010/12/03 Friday - 4:24 pm | Permalink

    Hey, thank you for the Animaniacs reference!

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