So help me, I'm blogging again… Sunday, 29 May 2022 - 6:43

Heavenly Idols

Sera and Yuna performing as HEAVEN STARS. Art by Hideki Ishikawa.

Sera and Yuna perform as HEAVEN ★ STARS.
Art by Hideki Ishikawa.

Today’s pic comes from the Rockman DASH 3: The Prologue (8-bit ver.) Original Soundtrack. Hideki Ishikawa was brought on as a freelance artist to design this image for the insert. In case you didn’t know there happens to be a contest where you can win your own physical copy of the soundtrack going on right now. All one needs to do is show support for #ReviveMML3 on Twitter. Now that Sony’s taking on funding lost causes, there’s an actual chance it could make a difference.

Additional image & translation stuff below.

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Seeing Red

A Red Ash reaction reaction post.

There are the embers of a fire that's gone out, but I can still feel the heat on my skin.

There are the embers of a fire that’s gone out,
but I can still feel the heat on my skin.
This mess we’re in…

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A Day For Sigma

Last Saturday was the Day of Sigma (Japanese version), and once again I kind of forgot all about it. Oh well! I’m sure Sigma isn’t losing any sleep over it. He doesn’t care if some puny meatbag humans don’t remember what day it’s on…

The Killing Moon

….Um. I mean, he’d probably prefer we all go eat some powdered bleach or whatever…

Sigma By Moonlight

…anyway, it’s not like he’s the type to hold a grudge or anything…


Okay, OKAY! Let’s do a Sigma post.

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Meet the Casketts!

While I’m caught up in the spirit of Legends, let’s look at some more of 2011’s projects I got too sad and grump to carry on with back then. Presenting pages 24 and 25 of the Rockman Dash Daibouken Guide!

castle caskett

Full pages and translation ahead!

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Red Dash. (All the good puns are used?)

Some last few weeks, huh? Good things and bad things and just plain unsure things, but more Mega Man related things happening recently than what feels like in years. That’s my perception anyway.

Speaking of false perception, I first laid eyes on Red Ash right after waking up. And in my confused daze, and from watching the video without sound, my first thought was that “Red” was an androgynous or tomboyish female. I mean, look at those hips. It just reminded me a bit of Dresden Kodak’s Kimiko I suppose. Plus the Japanese subtitle, 機鎧城カルカノンの魔女 “Kiganjou Karukanon no Majo” which basically means “the witch of Mech-Armor Castle Calcannon(?)” so I just said “okay, I guess maybe Red is the witch? Certainly wearing mech-armor anyway. That’s different, and rather cool.” But then I watched it again with sound and of course I was just plain wrong, and a little disappointed (but then I remembered Re-Core, so no worries). The witch and the castle are probably to do with the job being referred to. Just another adventure for our small group of heroes… Or perhaps they are would-be villain-ish anti-heroes?

And yes, they are all visually clear stand-ins of Legends characters, and it’s no surprise. This teaser was literally spelling out the theme of this project right away. What it isn’t telling us though is whether this is to be a game, a movie, an anime series, or a bit of each. The mystery here isn’t whether this is a Legends spiritual successor, but what it is at all. This is an anime convention, and Studio 4°C has done all manner of projects, and you know, so does Inafune. I must admit, I do want to see what this is all about.


Didn’t think they’d forget Zero, did you?

Q-ban Zero

This is my last round of Q-bans, so enjoy!

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First Look At A New Legacy

I finally got around to watching the E3 streams (day 1, 2, and 3) of Mega Man Legacy Collection, and wouldn’t you know it I felt compelled to write down a huge block of text just based on watching those 3 hours of footage starring game producer Rey Jimenez, Digital Elipse game preservationist Frank Cifaldi, and Capcom press representatives Brett Elston and Greg Moore. Remember that all the following things are based on an unfinished version of the game, so things can (and hopefully some will) change in the final. Get ready for some nitpicky commentary!

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Third time’s the cliché. Let’s get into some X3 Q-bans!

Rockman X3 Q-ban

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The Familiar Familiar

Time for another topic from the Lav archives. This one revolves around a most interesting tidbit on Rockman’s first helper robot in 2008’s R20 Official Complete Works book: early concept art showing an early draft of Rush, as well as a hawk-like bird said to have been considered for the supporter role around the same time.

Dog... or Bird...? Choose one. Your decision matters not.

Dog… or Bird…? Choose one.
Your decision matters not.

I mused a little on how different it might feel for Rockman to have a pet falcon back when I discussed Rockman’s bird concept in 2011, but only after writing it did I learn that this bird made it quite a few stages past the ol’ drawing board.

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Food for the troops!

I began this post in 2011. Every time I started working on it I went to a dark place and couldn’t go on. That year had that profound an effect on my life. It changed me. Most of the people around me couldn’t even fathom being that upset over a few cancelled video games, of all things. It was a hard time to want to carry on being myself.

Four years have passed now. I’m not ashamed to say I’m feeling quite a ways better about things. Bit by bit I’ve been reclaiming my hobbies, despite what feels like continuous setbacks any time hope rears its rounded yellow head. I feel like acknowledging and thanking the faceless people that shared my pain then and make me feel inspired now. This one goes out to all those campaigning and fighting to make sure Legends Never Die for these past 4 years, and the 11 years before that. Here’s a treat to fill your bellies and refresh your spirits. A recipe by Servbots, for Servbots!

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