Carddas Countdown Celebration: 10, 9…

It’s Rockman’s birthday this Friday! Our blue bomber is turning 23 on December 17. It should be fun to see what Capcom and the many Mega Man fan sites do for the occasion. I actually didn’t have anything special planned, but I’m thinking I ought to do something, right? So here’s what I came up with: I’ll be posting an image or two from Rockman’s Carddas card series each day this week. Rockman Birthday Countdown, Go!

Today’s theme, the Rockman Family!

Rockman’s always known just what he’s fighting for: everlasting peace, and the loved ones he longs to protect. And when the microchips are down, his friends and family are always by his side. As seen on the card above:

210. With everyone’s power together, we’ll protect the world from the clutches of evil!
HP x 2 Effect for Rockman

Since that picture is from the Rockman World 5 set, a few friendly faces from Rockman’s core support group are missing from that image, like Beat and Rightot.
And of course, where would Rockman be without his wayward brother, Blues?

Rock may not know the full extent of their connection, but there’s no doubt about the strong bond he shares with that mysterious red wanderer who always arrives in the nick of time to help him out of a jam.

Rockman & Blues
HP 2500
168. Perhaps someday the time will come when they fight side by side…?

Something fans had been waiting many long years to see! Though one could argue The Power Battle or other appearances, I believe that time was best embodied in the latest classic game, Rockman 10. That trailer still gets me pumped!

The countdown continues tomorrow!

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  1. RADIX's Gravatar RADIX
    2010/12/12 Sunday - 1:28 pm | Permalink

    Nice. 🙂 (Mega’s so cute in that first one… 😀 )

    Since MM10 made no references to their relationship (I think) in the English version, I have to wonder if “Mega knows who Proto is” is being ignored by the US continuity now. (I prefer Mega being aware, myself)

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