Hey do you know Juno?

Mega Man Juno. He’s got to be one of the most surprising final bosses ever to appear in a Mega Man game. With a body like an armored bell and a face like a 14 year old Japanese raver girl, Juno quickly stole the role of villain shortly after his appearance by announcing his intention to kill every man woman and child on the island, and even effortlessly capturing the hero – all in a calm monotone and with a serene smile plastered on his closed-eyed face.

You just know he’s evil. Guess that’s why I love this guy!

From the Rockman Dash Kanzen Kouryakubon page 148:

Standing in Rock’s way is the final enemy!!

From behind the last door appeared a more formidable foe than ever was met before, and he was called Rockman Juno!!

His name is ROCKMAN JUNO!!

The unfathomable life form that rules Kattelox Island!!

The strongest, most evil destructive god has emerged!
Will Rock be able to win this time!?

Deep underground slept the unspeakable creature, Rockman Juno!! The widening mystery of why he is called Rockman, and for what purpose he exists, will be up to you to unravel!!

Don’t let that smile fool you into lowering your guard!!
Rockman Juno’s smile might be unwavering, but his attack power is terribly strong!!

His polite manners conceal his fiendish nature!

He converses with Rock with a smile.

Juno has no feet, instead he seems to hover in midair. He can move with incredible speed!

His arms are detached!?
His arms aren’t connected to his body. What kind of parts are these!?

Right off the bat, Juno give off a pretty uncanny vibe. But his otherworldly, supernatural presence becomes even stronger when we get to part 2.

From the same book, page 151:

Juno, Second Form Progression Evolution!!

After Rock’s furious counterattack, Juno brings out his strongest arsenal!!

At last the true form of this dreaded destruction god is revealed!!
Switching out his body for his extreme weapon parts, Juno launches a charge assault on Rock! You’ll have to figure out how to conquer this monster on your own!!

“I won’t be going easy on you anymore!”

Blazing fireball attack!!

He’ll try to knock you down with his massive body!!

I remember cursing that monkey for telling me Juno wasn’t built for combat. Overlook the giant battle body in his closet, did we Data? But even Juno’s regular form had some pretty powerful weaponry, with those enormous double rockbuster lasers and all that rushing, stomping and teleporting. Why is Juno’s default body such a powerhouse when he’s just supposed to be a bureaucratic model (third class at that)?

Actually, his default form was originally supposed to be more normal, and seemingly a bit more “unarmed” (excuse the pun).

From Capcom Japan’s Rockman Dash Himitsu Gallery:

This is actually Rockman Juno’s original form. He was supposed to appear like this first, but we ran low on time so it had to be cut.

But even without this, it didn’t turn out so bad, right?

So there’s one less mystery about Juno. Which reminds me… why is he called “Juno” anyway? A reference to the Roman goddess? Or to a certain giant asteroid? The once-popular web provider? Probably not that last one, but it is an interesting question.

Juno was also a villain in Namco x Capcom, the massive RPG style crossover game that reads like someone’s insanely long fanfiction idea that somehow got produced. He is brought back to life by the collapsing of worlds, slowly regaining his memory and eventually becoming a main antagonist, only to be destroyed once again. Will he, or another unit similar to himself, be making an appearance in Legends 3? Personally I’m thinking not, but who knows!

Today’s blog is dedicated to RADIX, whose replies as of now make up a fourth of all the comments on my blog. Thanks for sticking around all this time, and for all the feedback! I really appreciate it. This one’s for you.

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  1. RADIX's Gravatar RADIX
    2010/10/06 Wednesday - 11:19 am | Permalink

    Thanks for the scans, and you’re welcome. 🙂

    The only explanation I can fathom for Juno not being designed for combat yet being a combat-bot is that he modified himself without Data’s knowledge. Same goes for his second form.

  2. PotatoPancake's Gravatar PotatoPancake
    2011/01/03 Monday - 9:06 am | Permalink

    What’s Xellos doing in Legends?

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