Mega Mission, Part 3

Continued from Part 1 and Part 2

Card No. 27 Description (Back):
Title (Front): Incept Chaser

DATA: A cutting edge repliroid who is the closest aide of Dr. Doppler. He is an Incept Chaser like Curtiss.

WEAPON: His hands are lethal weapons. His chopping strike is performed with great speed and agility, and can even launch energy attacks from both arms.

Title (Back):
Notes: Schmitt the repliroid ninja fills the role of speedy little guy to complement Curtiss’ giant muscle dude and Doppler’s scheming mad scientist. These archetypes are repeated over and over in X2 and X3, and Mega Mission 1 and 2.
Card No. 28 Description (Back):
Title (Front): Rockman X Mega Mission Story 13

Rockman X and Zero were chasing the escaping Limited when the other cloaked figure appeared before them. While engaged in battle with Schmitt, X’s buster began to change again. The buster’s transformation caused excruciating pain, leaving X temporarily paralyzed by it. Watch out, Rockman X!

Title (Back):
X (Clear High Buster) vs Schmitt
Notes: X was attacking Boomerang Cutter, which Schmitt can deflect with his hands. This guy is no pushover. The background here remind me of some of the maps in Command Mission.
Card No. 29 Description (Back):
Title (Front): Rockman X Mega Mission Story 14

While Rockman X lay immobilized during his transformation, Zero faced off with Schmitt. Zero parried Schmitt’s blows and fired back with amazing skill. Irritated by this, Schmitt decided to strike at the helpless Rockman X instead, and fired off an attack directly in X’s path. What will you do now, Zero?!!

Title (Back):
Zero vs Schmitt
Notes: Schmitt is able to block Zero’s beam sabre and Zero Buster as well. It seems the two are evenly matched, but Schmitt plans on fighting dirty. X is in trouble now…
Card No. 30 Description (Back):
Title (Front): Rockman X Mega Mission Story 15

Attempting to shield Rockman X from Schmitt’s attack, Zero was wounded and collapsed. But just in time, the buster metamorphosis was complete! Rockman X took up Zero’s place on the battlefield. The battle was intense, but X was driven on by a strangely powerful compulsion! Hang in there, Rockman X!!

Title (Back):
Zero Down
Notes: Noble and selfless as always, Zero takes the hit and sacrifices himself to save X. His faith is rewarded, when X emerges stronger than ever. But, is this transformation a gift, or a curse?
Card No. 31 Description (Back):
Title (Front): Irregular Hunter

DATA: The Limited continued to mutate, resulting in the revolutionary Clear High Buster. But what does this evolution mean for X?

WEAPON: This buster can convert Rockman X’s HP into attack power.

Title (Back):
Rockman X (Clear High Buster)
Notes: The 4th holo card. You know there’s some serious powering up going on when the background turns to laser grid. The talk of HP conversion is a little confusing, but think of it as a reverse Masamune chip from EXE. The more energy X has, the stronger his shot becomes.
Card No. 32 Description (Back):
Title (Front): Rockman X Mega Mission Story 16

Rockman X skirmished with Schmitt all across the abandoned factory, but even so he found his power wasn’t responding as he wanted.
“Haven’t I been powered up!?”
Schmitt was wounded during the fighting, and escaped back to where Mother Limited could repair him. But instead of healing Schmitt, Mother Limited swallowed him up entirely. Then a figure emerged…

Title (Back):
Rockman X vs Schmitt
Notes: X has won against Schmitt, but is more frustrated than relieved due to his trouble controlling his new power. But, since when is X so concerned with wanting greater power, anyway? Something bad is afoot…
Card No. 33 Description (Back):
Title (Front): Remeet Repliroid

DATA: “Rockman X data assembled.”
Limited began acting on a will of its own, and absorbed Schmitt’s body!!

WEAPON: By analyzing Rockman X, the strongest buster yet was created!!

X -イクス-
Title (Back):
X (iX)
Notes: At last, the infamous iX in all his holographic glory! The name iX has also been romanized as EX, Iks, or simply “X.” I’m using “iX” because it’s one of the most widespread adaptations on the internet. In Japanese, X is written in katakana as Ekkusu, and iX is written as Ikusu (see front title). iX is actually pronounced like the word “ekes,” or the interjection “EEKs!”
Card No. 34 Description (Back):
Title (Front): Rockman X Mega Mission Story 17

“I have absorbed Schmitt! My name is iX, and I am the strongest Doppler warrior!!”
Limited united with Schmitt and grew into a new repliroid. With all the regenerated repliroids’ techniques at his command, iX was giving Rockman X the fight of his life. All of the sudden, Rockman X felt his body change once again.

X -エックス- VS X -イクス-
Title (Back):
Rockman X vs iX
Notes: So, iX is Limited having taken over Schmitt’s body and transformed it according to all previously collected data. For the moment X is outclassed, but the Limited inside him has another trick up its sleeve.
Card No. 35 Description (Back):
Title (Front): Irregular Hunter

DATA: Limited has formed an armor to protect Rockman X. But Rockman X has lost control of his body!

WEAPON: Has the ability to absorb enemy attacks and instantly repair any damage.

Title (Back):
Rockman X (Clear Armor)
Notes: Our final holo card, and X is overflowing with bright shiny power! Too bad it’s coming at the price of his soul…
Card No. 36 Description (Back):
Title (Front): Rockman X Mega Mission Story 18

Limited fusion has spread further over Rockman X’s body. The Limited inside Rockman X adapted during the battle with iX to suit their needs, but is taking over X’s body as well!
“Is Limited trying to control me?!” Mustering the last of his power, X prepared for one final all-out attack against iX!

Title (Back):
More Power!? Rockman X
Notes: X has learned the hard way that Limited’s organic cells can, given enough time and energy, regenerate their own cores. X must act fast to avoid becoming Limited’s puppet. Battling both internal and external forces, X is put to the ultimate test of strength and willpower. Can he conquer his inner demon in time, or will iX the ultimate soldier destroy him first?
Card No. 37 Description (Back):
Title (Front): Rockman X Mega Mission Story 19

Rockman X and iX attacked simultaneously, each targeting the other’s chest with enough power to destroy one another for good. Just as it seemed their mutual destruction was assured, Rockman X was able to use iX’s buster shot to tear away the Limited from inside his body and gain control of himself and escape at the last moment. X was free, and iX was defeated! Well done, Rockman X!!

X -イクス-
Title (Back):
The End of iX
Notes: In the story’s heated climax, Rockman X pulls a risky maneuver and comes out on top, against all odds. That the Limited was destroyed but X’s body remained intact seems a bit too convenient or miraculous, but then, he’s Rockman X. He was destined to win.
Card No. 38 Description (Back):
Title (Front): Rockman X Mega Mission Story 20

The true villain, Dr. Doppler, finally appeared from behind Rockman X.
“You’re Dr. Doppler!?”
“Correct. How dare you destroy my dear Limited! Behold our wrath!”
In the center of the room, Mother Limited started to move.

Title (Back):
Enter Dr. Doppler
Notes: X and Doppler meet at last. The game dialogue suggests that the first time they met was in X3, but let’s not worry about that at the moment. Mother Limited is coming to life, and X will have to face this monster without the power of the Clear Armor. The final battle awaits!

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    Hey 20, can I ask you something? Is there any info on what happened to iX after his fight with X? was he destroyed? Did he go away? I know Ariga’s take on the matter is that he is absorbed into that giant limited to form Mother Limited. But in the cards, there doesn’t seem to be any info on that. Are we to simply assume he was destroyed, but regenerated by the Limited he is made from?

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