Mega Mission, Part 2

Continued from Part 1

Card No. 14 Description (Back):
Title (Front): Incept Chaser

DATA: Known to his allies as an Incept Chaser, his duty is to track Limited and observe its evolution.

WEAPON: Equipped with giant boomerangs at his waist, and unfathomable destructive power.

Title (Back):
Notes: The giant unmasked. (I think he was scarier before…) This picture is one of the very few that shows him with pupils, nearly every other place his eyes are a solid red-pink color.
Card No. 15 Description (Back):
Title (Front): Rockman X Mega Mission Story 6

With the data from the 3 Limited bodies that Curtiss recovered, Dr. Doppler set about resurrecting new repliroids. And, he had a new order for the cloaked giant.
“Get me that Limited-fused buster!”
This Curtiss promptly carried out by hunting down Rockman X to engage in battle.

Title (Back):
Rockman X vs Curtiss
Notes: It looks as though Curtiss has destroyed X’s Ride Chaser, barely recognizable in the bottom left corner of the card. Although unmentioned, X is shown here to be using Sonic Slicer. You’ve probably already noticed that X seems to have his choice of arsenal from X1-X2 available to him throughout this adventure. That’s because the Clear Buster allows X the use of every weapon he’s ever previously used before.
Card No. 16 Description (Back):
Title (Front): Rockman X Mega Mission Story 7

Curtiss was on his last legs after being beaten back by Rockman X. Now it’s X’s chance to get some answers!
“The Replibrain can evolve machines… it was created by…”
But Curtiss’ confession was interrupted when he was suddenly struck down.
“You’ve said enough, Curtiss!” the man uttered, and was gone.

Title (Back):
Schmitt of the Shadows
Notes: And so we meet our next major aversary, who is ruthless enough to kill his own partner to protect their cause. Curtiss and Schmitt’s unnecessary double consonants in their names might be references to Doppler’s other enforcer duo, Vajrilla FF and Mandarella BB (Bit & Byte). The Doppler Naming Effect? Also, X was using the Strike Chain for his interrogation.
Card No. 17 Description (Back):
Title (Front): Rockman X Mega Mission Story 8

Zero returned to Rockman X with new information. He learned that a certain scientist called Dr. Doppler who was researching “evolutionary cells” could be involved in this incident. The two made their way to an abandoned factory where Dr. Doppler was rumored to be working. Just as Zero suspected, there they found more regenerated repliroids waiting for them.

Title (Back):
Zero’s Report
Notes: After being the victim of a strange transformation, enduring several battles with ghosts from his past, losing his ride and his chance at information, X isn’t having a great mission so far. Luckily he has Zero to rely on. Check out that Irregular Hunter case file. Manila dockets are still the rage in 21XX, but now they have CDs attached too. What an amazing place the future must be!
Card No. 18 Description (Back):
Title (Front): Mad Scientist

DATA: A mysterious scientist possessing a high-grade intelligence. Although he is a repliroid himself, he is capable of designing and building other repliroids.


Title (Back):
Dr. Doppler
Notes: Our third holo card. This one depicting Doppler giving orders to his Incept Chasers (some time in the past, when both were still alive). Doppler’s body is different here than the one he uses in X3. This set makes no mention of his fame for treating the Sigma Virus nor his utopia, Doppel Town, even though the traditional view is that Doppler began those things before he turned evil, or at least before anyone suspected him of evil. But, compared to some of the other story contradictions in the later Mega Missions, this is but a drop in the bucket.
Card No. 19 Description (Back):
Title (Front): Remeet Repliroid

DATA: Flame Stagger has been infused with a Limited which contained the battle data of X, making him an even tougher opponent.

WEAPON: Wielding an intensified blue flame, he burns anything and everything to cinders!

Title (Back):
Flame Stagger Limited
Notes: The first of the final 4 Remeet Repliroids guarding Doppler’s secret lab. The Heat Knuckle Champion is looking hotter than ever, and ready to go buck wild! (Sorry, can’t resist pulling a bad pun combo.)
Card No. 20 Description (Back):
Title (Front): Rockman X Mega Mission Story 9

Flame Stagger L squared off against Rockman X. Avoiding the powered up blazing attacks, X pelted Stagger’s body with Bubble Splash. But this time, once its host body was wrecked, the Limited inside snuck out and escaped all on its own.

Title (Back):
X vs Flame Stagger Limited
Notes: Limited has now evolved beyond needing an Incept Chaser to rescue it. Clever little buggers. More on Limited’s evolution is coming up.
Card No. 21 Description (Back):
Title (Front): Remeet Repliroid

DATA: The body of Sting Chameleao infused with Limited. Possessing extreme cunning and high attack power, he’s in top form!

WEAPON: Making his body transparent, he can approach his enemies unseen!

Title (Back):
Sting Chameleao Limited
Notes: His head vaguely resembles a triceratops now. Cool.
Card No. 22 Description (Back):
Title (Front): Rockman X Mega Mission Story 10

Sting Chameleao L stalked his prey invisibly, but can always be seen just before he strikes. Zero was ready, and dispatched him with a shot from his buster. Like before, the Limited fled Chameleao’s broken body on its own. Is Limited itself also evolving?

Title (Back):
Zero vs Sting Chameleao Limited
Notes: Zero finally gets to kick some butt, making short work of Chameleao, no special weapons necessary. Strange pose though, looks like he’s falling backwards. Notice the very mechanical looking soles on his feet.
Card No. 23 Description (Back):
Title (Front): Remeet Repliroid

DATA: The body of Storm Eagleed, infused with Limited. No one is a match for his aerial combat skills.

WEAPON: His Storm Tornado is immensely powerful when fired from his 5 barreled cannon.

Title (Back):
Storm Eagleed Limited
Notes: Storm Eagle Limited concept art can be found on page 295 of the R20 book. In it, Eagleed L has the outline of a Sigma symbol on his chest rather than the Doppler logo he has in the card. Perhaps the emblem choices were decided later on.
Card No. 24 Description (Back):
Title (Front): Rockman X Mega Mission Story 11

Rockman X protected himself from Storm Eagleed L’s aerial assault by counter-attacking and firing Chameleon Sting into the air. Eagleed’s wing was hit, and he crashed into the ground, defeated. The Limited inside escaped by itself once again.

Title (Back):
X vs Storm Eagleed Limited
Notes: Our heroes aren’t having too much trouble with these Remeet Repliroids either, but at least the pictures show them attacking instead of just being destroyed, like the first four.
Card No. 25 Description (Back):
Title (Front): Remeet Repliroid

DATA: The body of Wheel Alligates, infused with Limited. A monster whose appetite for destruction is even greater than before!!

WEAPON: His snapping jaws and giant body drill attacks are even more powerful than ever before!!

Title (Back):
Wheel Alligates Limited
Notes: Alligates is looking sharp. He’s probably my favorite redesign from Mega Mission 1.
Card No. 26 Description (Back):
Title (Front): Rockman X Mega Mission Story 12

Last of the revived bosses, Wheel Alligates L rushed at Zero tooth and nail, but Zero was able to skillfully dodge his attacks. Zero went on the counteroffensive, and took Alligates down. However, the Limited inside slipped away and escaped just as the others, retreating deeper into the inner sanctum.

Title (Back):
Zero vs Wheel Alligates Limited
Notes: With the Remeet Repliroids put away, what awaits in the mysterious inner sanctum? Find out next. The toughest battles are still ahead!

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