Mega Mission 3, Part 1

Beginning once more, the final installment of Carddass’ Mega Mission series. Very different from the structure of the previous 2 story arcs, though some plot aspects will still remain strikingly similar. This time X and Zero have only 4 Remeet Repliroids to contend with, but they’ll have much greater power. iX returns as the aptly named “Return X,” along with another familiar face who makes his long awaited first appearance in Limited fashion. All this and a surprise “ending” await, in Mega Mission 3!

Card No. 85 Description (Back):
Title (Front): NAME: ROCKMAN X

Irregular Hunter

DATA: Commander of the 17th Elite Unit. Initially a B Class Irregular Hunter, he has grown strong through many difficult battles.

WEAPON: As X has grown, so too has the power of his X-Buster! The destructive power of its charge shot is well renown!!

Rockman X
Title (Back):
Rockman X
Notes: Unlike the beginnings of the previous Mega Missions, this card is not a holo and discusses only X rather than X and Zero together. The logos in the corners are carried over from Mega Mission 2, but are no longer holographic stickers. The front titles no longer write “ROCKMAN X” in all caps, though “ZERO” still gets the capslock treatment. The backs of the cards have developed a silvery border with a barcode style motif. The backs also now say “CHARACTER CARD” or “MEGA MISSION STORY CARD” in English (depending on which they are) and character cards will contain name and organization information in English as well, which I’ve included in italics even though it’s redundant.
Card No. 86 Description (Back):
Title (Front): Mega Mission 3 Prologue

At Central Point, Hunters have been disappearing one after another as if targeted in mysterious recurring incidents. Could the Counter Hunters have been revived somehow?! In response to the loss of so many Irregular Hunters, a new vigilante group has formed to protect Central Point, calling themselves the Masquerades.

Title (Back):
City-wide mayhem! Disappearance of the Hunters
Notes: Our story begins, sometime after the conclusive battle between X and Tackione. Skilled Hunters are disappearing, and the city is close to being overrun with panic. The Counter Hunters (aka the X-Hunters) assassinated 100 of the top Irregular Hunters during the 6 months between X1 and X2, which is why the current incidents arise suspicions of their return. It is unclear whether Central Point is the same city that suffered the Limited Field attack in the last Mega Missison. At any rate, concerned repliroids have risen and banded together to fill the gap: the mysterious Masquerades. But it is not the Masquerades we’re seeing in the colorful but foreboding image on the front of the card… or is it?
Card No. 87 Description (Back):
Title (Front): Mega Mission 3 Story 1

Following the appearance of the Masquerades, the attack damages sharply declined. The Hunter organization which had been suffering heavy losses recognized the Masquerades’ power, and they were welcomed to join the Hunter ranks officially. Thus Rockman X and Zero were joined by their new associates, the Masquerades!!

New Colleagues “Masquerades”
Title (Back):
New Allies?
Notes: Seeking to recoup their recent losses and regain public trust, the Hunter brass invites the 4 vigilantes to become Hunter members. The Masquerades themselves resemble a super sentai group, with their red, blue, green and brown/gold ranger call colors. We’ll learn more about these new “heroes” next.
Card No. 88 Description (Back):
Title (Front): NAME: ROT-ARMOR


DATA: A newly registered member of the Irregular Hunters. He is also the acting leader of the Masquerades.

WEAPON: Boasts the highest defensive power of the Masquerades, and also excels in mobility.

Title (Back):
Rot Armor
Notes: Rot means red in german, making him the red Masquerade. Naturally, he’s the leader.
Card No. 89 Description (Back):


DATA: A member of the vigilante group that operated in Central Point. Because of his achievements, he was permitted to become an Irregular Hunter.

WEAPON: His greatest weapon is his quick and graceful maneuverability, especially underwater.

Title (Back):
Blau Launcher
Notes: Blau means blue in German.
Card No. 90 Description (Back):
Title (Front): NAME: GRÜN-METAMO


DATA: He was allowed to join the Irregular Hunters by merit of his efforts to reduce collateral damages, but there is something suspicious about him…

WEAPON: Can fashion weapons for himself by assembling various bits of scrap.

Title (Back):
Grün Metamo
Notes: Grün is German for green.
Card No. 91 Description (Back):
Title (Front): NAME: BRAUN-ELECI


DATA: After the recent incidents, he was recruited into the Irregular Hunters. But there seems to be something unsettling about these Masquerades…

WEAPON: His large body and incredible strength are his most imposing weapons, but he’s also able to use electric attacks.

Title (Back):
Braun Eleci
Notes: Completing the pattern, Braun means Brown in German. Not everyone in the Hunters completely trusts the Masquerades. Perhaps it’s the uncanny resemblance to several former irregular repliroids, in both name and appearance… Probably just a coincidence…?
Card No. 92 Description (Back):
Title (Front): Mega Mission 3 Story 2

However, the Masquerades are actually a team of 4 Hyper Limiteds sent to spy upon X and company, and uncover their secrets. They had thinned the Hunter ranks themselves, then changed their bodies into their Masquerade forms in order to gain X’s confidence. And once X’s guard was lowered, they would strike all at once. This was their true mission. X is already in great danger!!

Revolt!! Masquerades
Title (Back):
Revolt! Masquerades
Notes: The truth is revealed (and what a shock)! The Masquerades were double agents all along. Now that they’ve infiltrated the Hunter organization, they’re ready to take it down from within. Abandoning the masquerade and revealing their true forms, their multi-faceted assault will strike at the very heart of the Hunters!
Card No. 93 Description (Back):
Title (Front): NAME: CROWD

Mechaniloid & Victoroid

DATA: The Hyper Limiteds unleashed a Limited Field, and machines began running wild. An angry mob of rioting rabble quickly formed.

WEAPON: They have not been powered up by Limited, so they have only their original weapons.

Reckless Irregular
Title (Back):
Reckless Irregular
Notes: Some tough enemies from X3, Maoh the Giant, Worm Seeker R, Hellcrusher, Wall Cancers and Bictroid/Victoroids gather on the front of this card, preparing to raise hell. With the Hunters disabled and the city in chaos, who will come to the rescue?
Card No. 94 Description (Back):
Title (Front): NAME: ZERO

Irregular Hunter

DATA: Commender of the 0th Special Forces Unit, and Special A class Irregular Hunter. Just as before, whenever X is caught in a pinch, Zero gallantly arrives to give his friend a hand.

WEAPON: His Special A class skills include being an amazing swordsman with his Beam Sabre and an ace sure-shot buster-slinger.

Title (Back):
Notes: Zero enters the fray, ready to take on the irregular menace plaguing the area. Zero’s a one-man army, but in his line of work, he has to be just to survive.
Card No. 95 Description (Back):
Title (Front): Mega Mission 3 Story 3

The Masquerades have shown their true colors as Hyper Limited. But Hyper Limiteds go beyond just sticking to repliroids, they are even manipulating the mechaniloids from afar.
“Leave those underlings to me, X!”
Zero rushes to his friend’s aid in his time of need.

ZERO vs Irregular
Title (Back):
Zero vs Irregulars
Notes: Zero opts to face the rabble of rebellious robots, so that X can concentrate on challenging the Hyper Limiteds. Zero is confident under pressure, but both heroes are up against heavy odds. Even heavier than they realize, as they HLs will soon demonstrate just how far they’ve evolved…

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