Mega Mission 2, part 2

Continued from Part 1. I’m over halfway done with Mega Mission 2, and with my Mega Mission translation project in general, but I still have yet to upload the images to go along with them. This blog format doesn’t seem conductive for doing so, at all. I’m working on something where it can be hosted elsewhere, though. The scans are coming, truly!

Card No. 54 Description (Back):
Title (Front): Irregular Hunter

DATA: Zero uncovered the wreckage of his abducted companion X’s buster, which he installed in his own buster. Now their power is combined!

WEAPON: The strength of both Zero and X’s busters have been merged into one outstanding weapon!!

Title (Back):
Zero (Neo Buster)
Notes: Our second holo card, and another example of the character profiles getting ahead of the story cards. The Neo Buster slightly resembles the X3 Zero Buster, colored blue, with even more green triangular gems, and a split-barrel cannon that’s half red and half blue.
Card No. 55 Description (Back):
Title (Front): Mega Mission 2 Story 6

Found at the scene of X’s defeat was the wreckage of his buster. Zero used those parts to remodel his own buster into the mighty Neo Buster! Zero would use this power to help track down his missing friend X, and combat the unidentified enemy behind this disappearance.

Title (Back):
Zero Scramble!!
Notes: You might think Zero is some kind of genius to be able to combine and improve upon the greatest weapons of Thomas Right and Albert Wily with some broken equipment, no tools and very little time, but it probably isn’t much more unbelievable or complicated than, for instance, when Zero gives X his buster parts towards the ending of X1. There is still some Limited traces in the buster as well, making Zero now infected with residual Limited too (and maybe that had something to do with the Neo Buster’s formatting as well). The Neo Buster will allow Zero to use special weapons that X has collected before. If you’re wondering why the Limited Field hasn’t sapped Zero’s power as well, it’s because the effect is much stronger in proximity of the Order Breakers, and now that they’ve retreated to their evil lair, the effect has become minimal (though still present) again.
Card No. 56 Description (Back):
Title (Front): Remeet Repliroid

DATA: The new body of Hyakulegger, who was revived via fusion with Limited. His teleportation tactics are in top form!!

WEAPON: His Magnet Mines are more plentiful and more powerful than before.

Title (Back):
Magne Hyakulegger Limited
Notes: I always thought Centipede’s virus injecting powers were his most formidable aspect, but no mention of those improving. Oh well!
Card No. 57 Description (Back):
Title (Front): Mega Mission 2 Story 7

Magne Hyakulegger obstructed Zero’s path and attacked with Magnet Mine. Unfortunately for Hyakulegger, he wasn’t prepared to tackle the Zero-X combined power of the Neo Buster, and was wiped out! Just then, something strange appeared before Zero… a capsule?!

ZERO vs Magne-Hyakulegger-L
Title (Back):
Zero vs Magne Hyakulegger Limited
Notes: The Neo Buster’s color has changed to orange, indicating a weapon change, likely the Scrap Shoot, Hyakulegger’s weakness in X2. A capsule has appeared before Zero, presenting one of the most controversial aspects of the Mega Mission series, coming up in the next card.
Card No. 58 Description (Back):
Title (Front): Mega Mission 2 Story 8

“Perhaps this also was fate, hmm, Zero… I wish to grant you a new power… Come, please, step inside.”
Guided by the mysterious elder who appeared from inside it, Zero entered the capsule. Afterward, his body had changed to…

Power Up Cupsle
Title (Back):
Arrival!! Power Up Capsule
Notes: Yes, the card reads “Cupsle” in English. Anyway, Dr. Right has arrived in his usual X1-3 styled capsule and awarded Zero an armor to help rescue X. This is contradictory to Right’s words in Rockman X2 Soul Eraser and Rockman X5 where Right is adamant that he cannot create armors for Zero’s body, but only supply relatively minor power ups. Fans have theorized that perhaps Zero having X’s parts installed is what made this possible here, even though the parts had little to do with Zero’s chest. Others point out that the armor seems to just be fastened over top of Zero’s normal armor instead of being integrated into his body, but it does in fact resonate with the Neo Buster and utilizes Zero’s internal energy and later even other parts of his body not initially installed over. Some suppose that Limited could have changed Zero’s body structure to temporarily evolve more like X’s, which allowed this. The likely truth of the matter is simply that there was nothing in the story up to that point in 1996 that flat-out said Right couldn’t make armors for Zero, only that he hadn’t done so yet. The embargo wasn’t established in the games until the year 2000. Hard to say whether this was an intentional contradiction or just an oversight on Capcom’s part. Of course, if you don’t consider Mega Mission to be canon to the X games, then there’s nothing to reconcile. Ultimately, Zero getting an armor from Right gave a big rush to Zero fans, and helped Bandai round out its toy repertoire for both heroes. For now, lets just go with it, and on with the show!
Card No. 59 Description (Back):
Title (Front): Irregular Hunter

DATA: Following the advice of the mysterious elder, Zero received a new armor. This armor seems to be formed from an overflow of energy.

WEAPON: Allows the Neo Buster to fire a powerful solid-light projectile called the Energy Shot.

Title (Back):
Zero (Energy Armor)
Notes: An armor that is literally bustling and crackling with energy… Did Right save the cool armor for Zero, or what? This armor can absorb otherwise damaging energy attacks to reinforce itself, making it even stronger. Nice! Also, the Energy Armor uses the typical Japanese version of “energy” as “エネルギー” enerugii, while the Energy Shot is written with the less common “エナジー” enajii. No real significance either way, just making a note of it.
Card No. 60 Description (Back):
Title (Front): Remeet Repliroid

DATA: Revived by Limited, Horneck is made to assail against his former superior officer, Zero. His favorite style of attack is conducting aerial bombing raids.

WEAPON: His bee shaped bombs are more powerful and mobile, and able to attack in huge swarms!!

Title (Back):
Explause Horneck Limited
Notes: More often written as Explose Horneck, but I’m leaving it the same here. This is the second Remeet Repliroid in a row to be a former member of the 0th Squadron. Zero must prove his skill as captain here!
Card No. 61 Description (Back):
Title (Front): Mega Mission 2 Story 9

Zero returns Explause Horneck’s assault with his newly acquired Energy Armor. The armor supplied the Neo Buster with even stronger energy, and finished off Horneck with a blast of Bug Hole.

ZERO vs Explause-Horneck-L
Title (Back):
Zero vs Explause Horneck Limited
Notes: The Energy Armor and Neo Buster are pinkish purple in the card image, reflecting the weapon change to Bug Hole. Not mentioned, but Zero is shown to also be attacking with his Zero Sabre. Man, I miss the days when Zero was portrayed as a long- and short-range brawler in the X series.
Card No. 62 Description (Back):
Title (Front): Remeet Repliroid

DATA: Tigerd infused with Limited. His Shining Claw has evolved completely!!

WEAPON: His light-speed Ray Splasher has targeted Zero!!

Title (Back):
Shining Tigerd Limited
Notes: Tigerd is looking more like a white sabre-toothed cat than strictly a tiger, though I never thought he resembled a tiger that much initially anyway.
Card No. 63 Description (Back):
Title (Front): Mega Mission 2 Story 10

Shining Tigerd L poised his razor-sharp claws at Zero, as the two skilled hunters squared off against one another. Zero met his enemy with the enhanced Neo Buster, firing volleys of Spinning Blades at Tigerd, shredding him to pieces.

ZERO vs Shining-Tigerd-L
Title (Back):
Zero vs Shining Tigerd Limited
Notes: Tigerd is a poacher hunter, not an Irregular Hunter, but they are both skilled hunters regardless. Zero’s armor is now a magenta color, though it’s hard to differentiate the Spinning Blade color from the Bug Hole color without close study.
Card No. 64 Description (Back):
Title (Front): Remeet Repliroid

DATA: The power-fisted thunder king has been revived by Limited. Able to absorb seemingly infinite electricity, he can emit a tremendous spark.

WEAPON: His Electric Spark has been amplified by the screw drums in his arms!!

Title (Back):
Spark Mandriller Limited
Notes: The “screw drums” that rotate and act as drills are very similar to Mandriller’s IHX redesign. Coincidence, or inspiration?
Card No. 65 Description (Back):
Title (Front): Mega Mission 2 Story 11

Spark Mandriller L was knocked out by Zero. But not before Mandriller’s Electric Spark caused the power plant to go critical! An enormous surge of energy was released along with the plant’s explosion. Thick smoke and ash clouded the area, when suddenly… From the center of the devastation, a lone figure emerged!

ZERO vs Spark-Mandriller-L
Title (Back):
Zero vs Spark Mandriller Limited
Notes: Not that you could tell at all from looking at the cards, but apparently Zero and Mandriller were battling inside a power plant. Zero took out Mandriller with Shotgun Ice, depicted by the cool light blue of Zero’s equipment and the ice covering Mandriller’s monstrous pose. Sometimes the card stories make the battles seem like short easy affairs, but keep in mind that they only have so much space to tell the story in with this format. The Remeets aren’t all meant to be pushovers, they just can’t spend lines and lines of text describing the battles, or even the locations where they are fought, unless it holds some important story relevance as it did here.
Card No. 66 Description (Back):
Title (Front): Irregular Hunter

DATA: Absorbing the energy from the power plant explosion, the Energy Armor powered up. Its power is now unfathomable.

WEAPON: This shining armor increases the Energy Shot’s destructive ability even further!!

Title (Back):
Zero (Neo Armor)
Notes: If you were observing trends and wondering why the Energy Armor card wasn’t a holo, this card is why. The Energy Armor has charged enough energy to upgrade itself to the Neo Armor. Now with superior leg, chest and shoulder armoring, Zero is looking mighty in all his holographic glory. We’ll be putting that armor to good use in the next installment!

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