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Before we finish up, Mega Mission 1 also included a set of 9 Jumbo cards. These cards are more than twice the size of the regular cards and include new artwork on the front side while sporting artwork pulled from the regular card series on the back. Only 5 of the 9 contain Japanese text that needs translating, providing supplemental information that acts as a sort of crash course on the story and characters. So before we finish up the series proper, let’s do a quick review with Jumbo Carddass’ Rockman X Mega Mission.

Rockman X Mega Mission Jumbo II
MISSION FILE Boss Character Data

Burnin’ Noumander Limited
HP 940+α
Dreaded super-heavyweight fighter sporting huge tusks and fire breath.

Wheel Alligates Limited
HP 940+α
Berserker built like a tank. Whether friend or foe, he’ll tear anyone to shreds with his thorny body.

Flame Stagger Limited
HP 880+α
He burns with an intense blue flame. And so do his power-packed punches…!?

Bubbly Crablos Limited
HP 960+α
The pincers on his shoulders have been made larger and stronger, to inflict even more pain upon X.

Wire Hetimarl Limited
HP 840+α
Upgraded to 4 tendrils, can X escape his wire attack now?

Boomer Kuwanger Limited
HP 880+α
With Boomerang Cutters equipped even on his arms, is there no angle he can’t strike at X from…!?

Storm Eagleed Limited
HP 920+α
The lord of the skies has revived! The air is solely his domain.

Sting Chameleio Limited
HP 900+α
Able to make his body invisible, he is a master of stealth! He uses his long tongue to harass X, in more ways than one!

Notes: “Chameleao” is here spelled “Chameleio” instead, I left it the same. The holo sticker on the front of this card and many of the others reads “X VS D” instead of the regular Mega Mission 1 set’s “X VS Σ”. The HP values are something which the card series uses to compare character durability, but holds no basis in the games or anywhere else. The “α” is the variable alpha, which here represents the added power of Limited.
Rockman X Mega Mission Jumbo V

Rockman X Clear Buster
HP 840+α
Rockman X’s buster was transformed by the Limited that stuck to it. Because it is founded on past data, it even has the ability to alter the shot to any of the previous buster options!

Rockman X Clear High Buster
HP 840+α
A tremendously powerful buster that can convert X’s HP directly to attack power. For as long as X’s health continues to be strong, his destructive power becomes infinite!

Rockman X Clear Armor
HP Immeasurable
The Limited in X’s buster eventually spread to his entire body. All enemy attacks are absorbed, but at the cost of X’s freedom.

Notes: This file is all about X’s various power ups. The Clear Armor always comes equipped with the Clear High Buster.
Rockman X Mega Mission Jumbo VII

A half organic substance developed by Dr. Doppler. Capable of infusing with a repliroid, taking over its body, and evolving its machinery.

X (iX)
HP 1800+α
A Limited organism that had developed a strong will of its own absorbed the body of Schmitt and used the data collected on X to transform itself into the ultimate soldier, iX!!

Mother Limited
HP Immeasurable
The source of all Limited organisms, Mother Limited used all the data it had collected to create a final battle form for itself, in order to destroy X.

Notes: A Mission File about Limited, its origin and its strongest forms.
Rockman X Mega Mission Jumbo VIII

Dr. Doppler
HP ????
The mysterious repliroid scientist who created Limited, the organism with the power to evolve machines. What are his true intentions?!!

HP 1800
Dr. Doppler’s trusted aide. Called an Incept Chaser, his duty is to track Limited and observe its evolution.

HP 2000
Like Schmitt, he is an Incept Chaser and aide of Dr. Doppler. He was charged with recovering the Limited who had gathered data on X.

Notes: A Mission File about the current trifecta of evil. Their HP totals lack the “+α” because they were not infused with Limited during the experiments.
Rockman X Mega Mission Jumbo IX

About 3 months after the showdown with the Counter Hunters, a powerful new threat appeared before Rockman X. This new threat took the form of repliroids that should have already been destroyed by X in the past. X and Zero took action, setting out to discover the truth behind the incidents. During one battle, X’s buster was struck by a mysterious substance (Limited) which clung to it and seemed to become absorbed. This substance caused a mutation effect that powered up X’s buster. Though confused by this new power, X continued to face his threat head-on. Behind the scenes of each regenerated repliroid incident, a mysterious cloaked man (Incept Chaser) was lurking. While investigating the strange events, it was learned that the key figure behind the intrigue was a certain Dr. Doppler. Thanks to information uncovered by Zero, they located Doppler’s hideout in an old abandoned factory. There, X and Zero’s battle continued……

Notes: This card summarizes the events of the first half of Mega Mission, placing it chronologically some 3 months after the end of X2. X3’s story tells that Doppler built his utopia a few months after X2, and was suspected of being corrupt several months after that. Even though there’s no mention that Doppel Town was already founded or his anti-virus put into common use, it’s hard to imagine Doppler would have been trusted and allowed to do these things if the Hunters already knew he was behind an incident like this. It’s possible that the events in Mega Mission occur over a long period of time, days, weeks, maybe months, but that’s probably reaching too far. Rockman chronology, gotta love it!

Now that we’re all caught up, presenting our long-awaited exciting conclusion!

Card No. 39 Description (Back):
Title (Front): Repligigant

DATA: Held the function of producing Limited organisms. Its body was changed to the final battle form in order to settle the score with X.

WEAPON: Possession of all the anti-Rockman X data collected by the returning Limiteds.

Title (Back):
Mother Limited
Notes: The mother computer of all Limited has grown up quite a bit since we last saw her in card 33. Is this the body of the ultimate organism?
Card No. 40 Description (Back):
Title (Front): Rockman X Mega Mission Story 21

Mother Limited transformed its own body to Repligigant form to challenge Rockman X to one more final round. Rockman X is in for one grueling battle against that monstrously huge figure!
“Lets go, Limited! I’ll never yield to you!!”

Title (Back):
X vs Mother Limited
Notes: “Gigant” means giant, rooted from the Greek language. It was the name for Messerschmitt’s enormous Me-323 carrier during World War II, which is how the term became popular in Japan. It wouldn’t be an X series finale without a behemoth of a boss to tackle. X has been through a lot to get to this point. No backing down now!
Card No. 41 Description (Back):
Title (Front): Rockman X Mega Mission Story 22

Determined to take on Limited, Rockman X felt a refreshing surge of power welling up within him. Zero too was determined to help Rockman X, despite his injuries. The two came together to form their most extreme combination attack, the Double Buster! The Repligigant Mother Limited was annihilated!!

Title (Back):
X & Zero vs Mother Limited
Notes: Overcoming all adversity, X and Zero have found the strength to defeat the evil. Yesssss! But, is the Limited nightmare really over?
Card No. 42 Description (Back):
Title (Front): Rockman X Mega Mission Epilogue

Rockman X and Zero managed to evacuate the abandoned factory just before it was destroyed by Mother Limited’s explosion. However, the sound of Doppler’s voice resounded in their heads.
“Well played, Rockman X. But our game is far from over!”
A formidable new foe has shown himself. Rockman X’s fight is not yet concluded.

Title (Back):
A New Adversary Has Emerged
Notes: X and Zero have escaped the flaming inferno, but so has Dr. Doppler. Some have suggested that this was the mission that X and Zero were on when they were recalled back to the Hunter Base, as seen in X3’s intro, thus leading directly into the game. This is only fan speculation though, since the details of the cards don’t match well with the game and sourcebook-given backstory of X3. Capcom has later come to acknowledge the Mega Mission series as “Bandai/Carddass’s original stories,” implying they are meant as gaidens and making them probable non-canon to the main X series. When first released however, many fans viewed them as the true bridge between the events of the games. Rockman canon has always been open to fan interpretation, so I invite you to decide for yourself!

Coming up next time, Mega Mission 2: Versus Revenge Limited!


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