Mega Mission Translation, Take 1

Here we go, part one of my Mega Mission translation project. I’ll be using the original Japanese naming conventions, so Mega Man X is Rockman X, Maverick is Irregular, reploid is repliroid, and so on. I’m also including a comments section on each card to mention noteworthy trivia or add extra explanation about each card. No scans yet, but with any luck I’ll be adding them soon. Let’s get started!

Card No. 01 Description (Back):
Title (Front): Irregular Hunters

DATA: Special A class Irregular Hunters. When these two join forces, no enemy can overcome them.

WEAPON: When both work together they can generate the unstoppable Double Buster attack!!

Title (Back):
Rockman X & Zero
Notes: X is technically still a B ranked Hunter, though his true skill is known to be much higher. The SA rank mentioned here applies to when X and Zero are working as a team. This is a holograph card, of which there are 6 in each set. Even so, every card has a holographic sticker in one corner that represents the featured characters’ allegiances or actions.
Card No. 02 Description (Back):
Title (Front): Rockman X Mega Mission Prologue

Dr. Doppler was scheming to take over the world using his own invention, Replibrain Limited. He decided his first step would be to collect battle data for Limited by fusing Limited with repliroids who had been defeated in the past, and sending them to challenge Rockman X.

Title (Back):
Doppler’s Ambition
Notes: Doppler is the main villain of this story arc. This story takes place sometime before X3, but presumably after Doppler has already been corrupted by Sigma. The holo sticker on this card reads “X VS Σ” (Sigma symbol). Even though Sigma plays no significant role in Mega Mission 1 per se, all of the story cards in the set use this sticker. It’s probably meant to denote simply “X vs Irregulars.”
Card No. 03 Description (Back):
Title (Front): Replibrain

DATA: A half organic substance created by Dr. Doppler. It can evolve the capabilities of any repliroid or machine it is infused with.

WEAPON: Upon entering a host like a repliroid, it can take over the body to use it as its own.

Title (Back):
Notes: Limited’s nucleus is the mechanical brain which contains its will, while the slime-like substance that surrounds it like cytoplasm acts as the operating catalyst of the evolutionary abilities and data collection. This slime is the “organic” half. More on this in card 7.
Card No. 04 Description (Back):
Title (Front): Remeet Repliroid

DATA: The body of Wire Hetimarl infused with Limited. However, the Limited became reckless and tried to fuse with X.

WEAPON: An inescapable wire attack using 4 tendrils at once.

Title (Back):
Wire Hetimarl Limited
Notes: We meet our first “remeet” repliroid. Pink is definitely his color. All the bosses in this set have the Doppler logo on them.
Card No. 05 Description (Back):
Title (Front): Rockman X Mega Mission Story 1

As the battle between Rockman X and his first assassin raged on, the Limited inside Wire Hetimarl L grew afraid of X’s strength. Fearing for its own survival, Limited abandoned Hetimarl’s body and attempted to infiltrate X’s.

Title (Back):
X vs Wire Hetimarl Limited
Notes: This card portrays the glowing orb of Limited fleeing Hetimarl’s damaged body. The Remeet Repliroids tend to lose the pupils in their eyes once the Limited controlling them is removed or incapacitated.
Card No. 06 Description (Back):
Title (Front): Irregular Hunter

DATA: A transformation occurred where Limited stuck to Rockman X’s Buster. Is Limited evolving the mechanism?

WEAPON: This buster power up includes and surpasses all previous data!!

Title (Back):
Rockman X (Clear Buster)
Notes: Another holo card. Reading from 5 to 6, you might think that Limited succeeded in infiltrating X, but as we find out in card 7, that is not exactly the case. Sometimes character data cards get a little ahead of the story.
Card No. 07 Description (Back):
Title (Front): Mega Mission Story 2

Zero managed to destroy Limited’s core with a buster shot, but the organic material which bestows Limited’s natural abilities splattered onto Rockman X, causing a mutation to his buster. To combat the situation, Zero decided to begin investigating alone.

Title (Back):
Zero Commences Investigation
Notes: This is our first Zero saves X moment, there’ll be many more on the way. X and Zero needing each other to survive and relying on one another to overcome their obstacles is a major theme throughout Mega Mission, right from card 01.
Card No. 08 Description (Back):
Title (Front): Remeet Repliroid

DATA: The body of Boomer Kuwanger infused with Limited. During his time as an Irregular Hunter, his skills were considered Special A class.

WEAPON: Utilizes formidable strategic tactics with the Boomerang Cutter and teleportation to disrupt his foes!!

Title (Back):
Boomer Kuwanger Limited
Notes: The manga adaptation switches things up a bit. It begins with Zero defeating Kuwanger before X’s fight with Hetimarl. Many of the bosses are fought in differing orders and circumstances between the manga and the cards. In this story though, X will be the one to face off with BKL.
Card No. 08 Description (Back):
Title (Front): Rockman X Mega Mission Story 3

Rockman X used his powered up buster with Homing Torpedo to lay waste to Boomer Kuwanger L. Just then, a giant man in a cloak appeared and extracted the Limited from Kuwanger’s broken wreckage. Just who was this guy?

Title (Back):
X vs Boomer Kuwanger Limited
Notes: We get our first look at one of the new villains. This is the only Mega Mission card depicting a clear look at the revamped ride chaser model our heroes are using to get around. Bulkier than X2’s Cheval, it incorporates a large seat-back and curved harness-like sidebars that give it a slightly more car-like appearance.
Card No. 10 Description (Back):
Title (Front): Remeet Repliroid

DATA: The body of Burnin’ Noumander, infused with Limited. He still retains some memory of being defeated by X.

WEAPON: Putting his large size to his advantage, he throws his weight around while also making use of the oil in his body to generate the even more powerful fire breath attack.

Title (Back):
Burnin’ Noumander Limited
Notes: Here we’re starting to learn that the Remeet Repliroids aren’t merely puppet bodies for Limited. Their old personalities and memories are also becoming revived and absorbed in the process, initiating a true fusion of Limited and repliroid in mind and body.
Card No. 11 Description (Back):
Title (Front): Rockman X Mega Mission Story 4

Burnin’ Noumander L was able to avoid Rockman X’s Storm Tornado, and attempted to rush X in a kamikaze explosion attack. Then suddenly, the cloaked giant again appeared, halting Noumander in his tracks with a boomerang. With the detonation stopped, the giant ripped the Limited out from Noumander and disappeared once more.

Title (Back):
X vs Burnin’ Noumander Limited
Notes: The enemies are getting tougher, and X almost bought the farm this time. Why did the mysterious giant come to X’s rescue? It had nothing to do with wanting to be friends, as we’ll find out after this next battle.
Card No. 12 Description (Back):
Title (Front): Remeet Repliroid

DATA: The body of Bubbly Crablos infused with Limited. Even now, his avarice is as strong as ever.

WEAPON: Using the newly enlarged pincers on his shoulders to crush his enemies!!

Title (Back):
Bubbly Crablos Limited
Notes: Of all the Limited transformations, Crablos’ has always struck me as the least impressive. Most of the Remeet Repliroids have at least 3 significant design alterations besides just their coloring, but Crablos has new shoulders, and that’s pretty much it. Not that I don’t think he looks more menacing than his original form, I do find him pretty snazzy. But when compared to the more radical changes the other bosses have undergone, his redesign is pretty soft-shelled.
Card No. 13 Description (Back):
Title (Front): Rockman X Mega Mission Story 5

Rockman X was aiming to take out Bubbly Crablos L with the Spin Wheel, when the giant appeared and this time, attacked X instead. X was hit and his aim was thrown off, but he still managed to land a crushing blow to Crablos. The cloaked giant was able to recover the Limited and escape yet again.

Title (Back):
X vs Bubbly Crablos Limited
Notes: It now seems that the giant interferes when necessary to preserve the Limited cores from being destroyed. But who is he, and why is he doing this? We’ll find out next time.

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