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This Rockman Ad is Odd

I think it’s become pretty common knowledge that the first Rockman game was a slow-starting moderate sales success, whereas Rockman 2 is the game that really put the series on the map. Rockman was first slated for Japanese release in November of 1987, but as fate would have it the game was delayed until December’s […]

The Rock Manual

An anniversary is retrospective by nature. It’s a time of looking back, remembering how things started, and taking note of how far we’ve come. With that in mind, let’s look at what a Rockman game manual looked like 25 years ago.

Rock’s Top Secret Photos Revealed!

Paparazzi, photophiles, and other proponents of peeking at people’s private photographs, rejoice! The Rockman Daizukan has published pictures pertaining to our plucky robot protagonist’s personal portfolio! What intimate secrets does it hold?

Filler Fun

Today’s post is getting delayed until (much later) tonight. (Yay, my first setback!) So enjoy this short comic by Hitoshi Ariga instead.

What’s up, Doc?

Doc Robot K-176. A series of monstrous robots whose skills, attacks and even weakness change radically depending on which program is installed. Just when you think you’ve cleared all 8 robot master stages in Rockman 3, these guys jump out of the shadows and take over 4 of the sections you thought you were done […]

It’s A Mega Manga Christmas with Santa Rock

It is now Christmas. Please adjust your misfortune levels accordingly. This was part 3 of Koji Izuki’s Thank You Rockman mini-series that was published at the end of Rockman & Forte volume 2. By the way, this month Rockman Tanjou has begun uploading translated chapters from that manga. Might be fun to check that out […]

Happy Birthday Rockman …I guess

Rockman’s 24th birthday is here (not for very much longer now)… I tried to do like a big thing last year, but this time around I haven’t quite been able to find the motivation. But still, I should put something up, right? Here’s a special Rock & Rush 4 koma by Sakura from Rockman’s 10th […]

The Sigma Factor

We’re playing catchup here at the Lav for that longer than anticipated e-vacation. I had planned for this to go up two weeks ago on the Fourth of July / J-Day of Sigma. Unfortunately, I was playing hookey from blogging that week. So, I could either wait a whole ‘nother year, or we could pretend […]

Lady Marmalade

There are good cops, and there are bad cops… and then there’s Denise.

The Fine Art of DASH2, Starring #20!

Included in the Rockman DASH 2 Final Digouter’s File is a chapter that’s entirely devoted to showing off design and concept art. Not content to simply display the art, they even got Tron and some of her Kobuns to introduce each piece and even provide some informative commentary! After all, who knows more about their […]