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The Answer

R20+5 contains page after page of interviews with Rockman series artists, past, present, and up and coming. It culminates in a section called “The Answer” where more than 10 representatives of Capcom and Inti Creates take turns answering over 50 of the fans’ Rockman-related questions gathered from Rockman Unity. I thought it would be fun […]

Dr. Right Takes Over the World

R20+5 contains amongst its bounty some Rockman 9 early storyboard concepts for the opening demo scene that show off some of the unused ideas of the Inti Creates development team, along with the unused robot masters and the original subtitle for the game.

Polly want a Force Metal

Rockman X Command Mission‘s concept art section is slightly expanded in R20+5, with the images spread across 2 extra pages. That means room for a few more pieces, plus the ones that were already there are now generally a bit larger and more spread out. Unfortunately, what was added was for the most part already […]

Have a Blast this New Years

To ring in the new year, here’s a little holiday manga from Koji Izuki. After what happened last Christmas, Wily plans a little thank-you of his own! Trans after the break!

Rock Manual The Third

Third time’s the charm.

Think About Your Troubles

The Rockman Character Collection: a 60 page booklet made as a special gift and sent to those who entered the boss character design contest for Rockman 4. In the closing of the book is a brief page-and-a-half talk with members of the development team at Capcom, discussing some development trivia, including some things I’ve not […]

Rockman Schemata

Blueprints of the blue bomber, laid bare…

From the Journal of Thomas Right

Among the unique features of 1991’s Rockman Character Collection, the booklet included the stories of the first 3 Rockman titles as told from the perspective of none other than Rockman’s creator, Dr. Thomas Right. The good doctor laments the use of his robots as tools of war, the madness taken root in the great scientist […]

The Rock Manual part 2

More manual madness, with Mega Man 2.

Like A Boss

From Family Computer Magazine 1988 #14 (the July 15th issue) comes Rockman 2 Boss Chara Daiboshuu… the very first Rockman boss robot design contest.