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  1. Spin Attaxx's Gravatar Spin Attaxx
    2016/01/01 Friday - 10:39 pm | Permalink

    Sorry if this is too much, but I’ve been wondering a few things:
    1. The plot for Mega Man III I’ve read in MM25 seems completely different to that on most wikis (less oil rig takeovers, more supercomputers going nuts basically). Just how different is the Japanese plot to the Western one?

    2. Do the Wily Machines in III and Wily Wars and IV’s final boss (after the Wily Robo Iron Golem) have official Japanese names? I’ve heard the latter be called a Wily Capsule, but it seems “Wily UFO” is a more likely name (Capsules are usually separate things).

    3. I’ve read that Sunstar’s dialogue in the Japanese version of V is different (and that he willingly blows himself up with a bomb and doesn’t suffer a critical reactor failure). Is this true? Also by looking on the JP wiki page and using Google Translate, apparently the Skull Blazer has an ion battery, L./R. Knuckle were developed to make the Wily Star fight and apparently the Brain Crusher controls the entire Star? Not good with Japanese at all, so I’d like clarification.

    Once again, apologies for question overload.

  2. TGCF's Gravatar TGCF
    2016/01/04 Monday - 10:07 am | Permalink

    Since you translate the manuals for Rockman 1,2,3,5, and World 2, would it be fine if you did manuals for Rockman 4,6,7, and the rest of the Rockman World series? I feel like they have information people in the USA barely knew about, especially in story.

  3. 2016/01/07 Thursday - 4:17 pm | Permalink

    I support TGCF in that, I wanna see the artwork of the items in this manuals.

  4. Acrosurge's Gravatar Acrosurge
    2016/01/24 Sunday - 9:02 pm | Permalink

    My apologies in advance. I posted this question in response to an earlier blog, but I wanted to post it again at the appropriate place.

    I have been pondering Mega Man’s deadly foe for sometime. No, not Dr. Wily. Those instant kill spike hazards! In your vast collection of Rockman lore, has there been any mention of why those deadly variety have such a violent effect on Rock? Why do some spikes kill instantly while others only damage him? Is it purely game mechanics or has some other reason ever been stated?

  5. Metalman's Gravatar Metalman
    2016/01/25 Monday - 11:33 am | Permalink

    Seeing the Retro X and similar posts, I wonder if you can make a Mega Man’s Soccer coverage? I looked some 1993-1994 magazines around the web, but it looks like Soccer was not well covered before and even after its release. Also, was it even covered in a gaming event like CES, ECTS, …?

    One thing I noticed is that many soccer games were released, apparently due to the World Cup ’94 (bandwagon). I wonder if MMS was rushed to be released before the cup and compete with the other soccer games?

  6. NJ's Gravatar NJ
    2016/01/28 Thursday - 11:04 am | Permalink

    Do you know where can we find more art from Hideki ishikawa? (around the development of Legends 1 & 2)

  7. David-Michael's Gravatar David-Michael
    2016/02/02 Tuesday - 9:23 pm | Permalink

    I’m writing a Senior Seminar Thesis paper 20pgs on how Street Fighter. Capcom, and Megaman helped spread Japanese culture in the 80s, 90s, and 00s. I am looking for magazines from 1993 or earlier in order to find art work, and behind the scenes articles. i’m arguing the Street Fighter essentially shocked the world with great art from Capcom, and was successful selling many units. If anyone has info on where I can find these early magazines, I would be grateful. Thanks guys,
    This site rocks! lol

  8. TGCF's Gravatar TGCF
    2016/02/05 Friday - 8:21 am | Permalink

    Another one:

    How about translations for Rockman ZX Gigamix drama tracks? I feel like they could expand the world of ZX

  9. Metalman's Gravatar Metalman
    2016/04/16 Saturday - 6:54 pm | Permalink

    Hi #20, while I didn’t saw it in your source, do you have any of the Rockman & Forte guidebooks? I’d like to know the name of some enemies that are missing or have the wrong name in this list:
    But the best I could find was this preview from the GBA version guide:
    The quality is a bit low, so I can’t figure some of the kanji.

    Also, does the truck/bus enemies from Nitro Man’s stage in MM10 have any official name? They were missing in the R10 soundtrack, and I don’t know if they appear in R25.

  10. satori's Gravatar satori
    2016/06/01 Wednesday - 11:26 am | Permalink

    Hi, question about Mega Mission… is it really “Remeet”? I was thinking that “Remeet” was meant to refer to the revived Repliroids, but that doesn’t seem to work for things like (what is probably called) X’s Limit X Buster. I think “リミート” is an unusual way of writing “limit”, and Google seems to suggest that there is some very minor usage of it.

  11. 2016/06/22 Wednesday - 3:22 am | Permalink

    Hi! Love the site. I’m wondering if, in your reading of Japanese materials, you’ve found any clues to one of the enduring mysteries of Mega Man: Agile’s second form.

    Unlike almost every other boss enemy in the series, the X-Hunters’ transformations seem to have no official art and no developer commentary. Serges in a tank is one thing, but Agile in a… tube? What IS that thing? Capcom must have explained at some point, surely!

    • 2016/06/23 Thursday - 4:48 pm | Permalink

      His name is Agile Flyer, and yes is a pilot-type mecha similar to Serges Tank.

      • Question Man's Gravatar Question Man
        2016/06/26 Sunday - 8:23 am | Permalink

        You sure? There is nothing (that I know, I’m not as resourceful as #20) saying that Agile Flyer is a vehicle or transformation. Or both? (detaches head and inserts it in a machine, similar to Wolf Sigma in X1)
        The only source I know (Compendium of Rockman X) says something like this:
        (may be inaccurate)

        アジールフライヤー (Agile Flyer)

        アジールが飛行形 _ に変形した姿。憐体中央に付いた _ 以外には、元の姿の面影はない。フィールドそのものを変形させて勧きを封じ、電撃弾やミサイルなどを乱射する。

        So… is he a “deformed flight type form attached to the center of the room with no vestiges of his original shape”?

        • 2016/06/27 Monday - 10:59 am | Permalink

          I never know about that description. I only mention the reference in Kodansha source books, where Agile Flyer is only mentioned like a flying-mecha.

          Maybe I understand the word ‘mecha’ too literal. In the complete works game, Quick Man is also labeled as ‘mecha’, as well.

          Actually, that description in Compendium X is interesting and put clear things in the table. Thanks, buddy, I learn a new thing about Agile.

  12. Legendary Questions's Gravatar Legendary Questions
    2016/09/16 Friday - 1:15 pm | Permalink

    Did Glyde create the Birdbots?

    Who makes the Loath/Glyde Family’s mechas? The Birdbots? Glyde?

    Is Glyde Loath’s son?

    Is Loath really dead in MML2?

    Is there any info on the master system and elder system in MML2 books?

  13. PStart's Gravatar PStart
    2016/09/22 Thursday - 1:16 am | Permalink

    Is there any art (maybe from a strategy guide or a card?) of the Rockman World 3 Wily Machine? Asking for a friend (who is wondering about how it is colored) 80)

  14. NJO's Gravatar NJO
    2016/10/17 Monday - 7:47 pm | Permalink

    Do you have the Rockman DASH 2 Final Digouter’s File?

    If so, i was wondering if you could scan the pages with the storyboard like these:

    Thank you.

  15. 2016/10/19 Wednesday - 1:39 pm | Permalink

    I have a few asks.

    1) Just today I found out that Roll actually, canonically has a crush on Megaman. I looked up some conversations on it and came up with some questions about it.

    A lot of people justify it by saying Roll isn’t really Megaman’s sister, but more like an adopted sister and that they were made to be companions and not really a family. In the US stuff (Archie, Ruby Spears, Dreamwave) Roll is treated like an actual sibling with that same sort of relationship, but now I wonder if that translates to the Japanese side of things. The theme of family seems to be very strong in Classic MM, but I now wonder exactly how that’s treated in the Japanese side of things. Is the whole Light family dynamic not a thing in their manga? Or are the Japanese just way more comfortable with brother/sister pairings than western audiences?

    2) Another Japanese side oddity that I seem to recall is that Rock never finds out Blues is his brother in Japan. Ever. I seem to remember a long forum post about this from years ago with one proof that he never found out being the website for Neo Geo’s Power Battles / Fighters and comparisons that show RM never refers to Blues as his brother. Is there any other proofs out there? How is this relationship treated in the manga (or other story-related places)?

    3) This one is on Robot identity and uniqueness. I wonder if there’s anything specifically related to the treatment of Robot Masters as individual characters or mass production items.

    In Megaman 1 we see many Gutsmen and in Megaman V we see many copies of the Rockman Killers. To me this implies that the big plot in those games was that Wily would eventually use these copies to attack the entire world all at once. Which also implies that robot masters are not necessarily individual robots with unique personalities, but mass production items like Joes.

    So I was wondering if there was anything at all anywhere regarding this. On the one hand it would make sense that a line of robots not be limited to just one entry. And there’s not really a need to preserve a robot’s memories if you just want to duplicate them (which happens in every single game).

    On the other hand it seems to go against the entire point of making character profiles and more recent games (Powered Up) and fiction (Archie and Ariga) go to pains to show the robots’ memories are preserved implying that there is and only can be one Cutman (for example). In contrast to MM1, MM8 implies that the Woodman MM meets is the same as Woodman from MM2.

    • 2016/10/26 Wednesday - 11:39 pm | Permalink

      For point 1, I wanna use Ikehara mangas as source. In this, Roll and Rock relationship is “brother”/”sister”, so no pairing. Although, in this manga, Kalinka has a crush with Proto Man.
      Meanwhile, in the Izuki mangas (RM8 & RM&F), Roll is actually in love with Rock, she even give him a valentine chocolate.
      In the games, I don’t see anything about the shipping, only in Powered Up.

      About point 2, I DON’T KNOW, many times Mega Man calls Cut Man and the others as “my brothers….”, but he don’t use that with Proto, he even call him by his name. Maybe he don’t know that Proto is a Light Number, but that can’t be possible, because in the Rockman 5 japanese manual, he ask to Dr. Right about Blues’ origin.

      • Lily's Gravatar Lily
        2016/12/31 Saturday - 8:38 pm | Permalink

        I admit, the japanese media seems to ship Rock and his sister quite a bit, judging by the translations. Of course, this is Japan we’re talking about. Everything’s weird there. (No offense to any Japanese, it’s just that they seem to have different ideas about what’s appropriate and normal there.) Besides, seeing as they’re robots, it’s a little different. But, that thing about Kalinka? I admit, she probably would like him, but I just know that it’s very one-sided. In fact, in one of my fanfics, Kalinka does mention to Lily, my OC, that she has a crush on Blues, but Lily cracks up because he actually once listed all the reasons about why she’s annoying. ( Also because poor timing, this takes place after TEH BIG ROMANTIC MOMENT with Lily and Blues.About that romantic moment, if you’re wondering what it was, think about what holiday happened recently, cuz this was a holiday special comic.)

    • Cake's Gravatar Cake
      2016/12/31 Saturday - 7:00 pm | Permalink

      1) I don’t care for the ship but I think it’s ok because they’re robots, i.e. not biologically related. Or else that brings the question of why it’s ok for the other robots to have a crush on Roll, or people to ship Roll and other DRNs….Japan have pairings of childhood friends who grew up like siblings and eventually become lovers, maybe it’s treated like that? In official japanese bios, Protoman/Roll is usually described as 兄/妹のような or 兄/妹にあたる lit. “as if/similar to/like a brother/sister”. にあたる can mean “is [something]”, but there’s a more direct and easier word for it so I’m assuming they used this version that for a reason. Also this is just me but Rock and some other DLNs call Roll ロールちゃん (Roll-chan) while everyone else is w/o suffix. While siblings do call each other “onii-chan/onee-chan”, it is unusual to call each other “[name]-chan” unless they’re very very young. Especially when it’s one-sided, it’s often used between those not related or close enough (relatives, friends, or strangers) usually the older to the younger. I think they understand they are what humans refer to as “siblings”, but that’s it. They don’t see each other as how people see their siblings or families. I mean, they don’t really have the mind, will or right as an actual human anyway.
      Totally unrelated, but the “Classic is family-themed” reminded me: the english version of Megaman Gigamix translated many of the Stardroids’ lines differently, making them more nicer and adding a family-theme by replacing “them/others/crew” to “my brothers” which I personally think misrepresented and ruined their character.

      2) Most Japanese profile for Protoman say “Rock doesn’t know he has an older brother ” at the end. If you think that’s weird, remember this is the game where Light and Rock get’s tricked by Wily a million times including him poorly disguised in 6. In the Japanese game he is portrayed as a mysterious lone wolf that does what he wants, and not much is shown of what he thinks or feels. Even the staff said something like “we were intending him to be a rival, but we don’t know what he is anymore (so we made Bass)” in the artbook. He follows the “friend or foe? No one knows!” phrase well. I also think he is supposed to be “cool” and mature, though that varies in media. He seem to not care about Light, and doesn’t have a grudge or ill obsession over Rock. I think he’s like a mentor, though the JP fanbase often joke on him as Megaman’s stalker, overprotective brother, or a walking dictionary appearing whenever Megaman needs help. I see many Jp fan look at Archie surprised to see a more “emotional” “violent” and “humane/childish” version of him. Ariga’s version emphasize the mentor part, willing to do cruel things if that’s what’s needed to do what he wants; which is mostly challenging the individual’s will to reach their goal. Example, he test Megaman’s will to to fight for peace by forcing him to watch the consequence of not willing to fight via an angered Bass destroy an entire city, and refuse to help because Megaman need to get used to fighting alone.

      3) I don’t think the profiles are useless as they’re probably describing the original robot. If copies work like in PU, you can make copies with a full personality and such, similar or different. But I’m assuming most of the mass produced “copies”would be more downgraded and simple-minded like Joes even if they look identical, as complicated AIs are more costly and annoying. Fiction is just their interpretation of the series so they’re free to do whatever. I dunno if Archie was going to go over mass produced RMs, but when they make copies they seem to be separate individuals. In Ariga there is only one of each robot master, others being downgraded, and when created a copy they’re exact clones with the exact AI and memory of the original which became a plot point.

      • 2017/01/09 Monday - 1:39 pm | Permalink

        1) I dunno if I got the same family vibe from the Stardroids in Gigamix. Even if they say “brothers” there’s also the term “brother in arms” which would definitely be appropriate.

        2) I finally found that official Power & Fighters site that tells us explicitly that RM doesn’t know PM is his brother.

        Or at least that’s what it seems to say. Withholding vital points of information is a very anime-esque trope, but in many cases it seems pointless. I can kind of understand Protoman not talking to MM about it all, but I don’t understand Light’s point of view. It seems to be one of those things they decided to have in there to make things interesting without a real reason behind it story-wise.

        3) I would have loved to see Archie’s take on the notion of mass production. Powered Up deals with copies, but those are copies of another doctor’s work. PU just proves that even flat-out knockoffs can be 100% functional with no deterioration.

        I don’t think those profiles are useless, but they imply individual characters. For example: the described relationship between Snakeman and Toadman don’t imply that there are sets of either. None of them imply that there’s any more than just one rbot master.

        • Cake's Gravatar Cake
          2017/01/20 Friday - 6:54 pm | Permalink

          1) For the Gigamix, I didn’t like how they softened their words. Hard to explain, I got a different feel when reading the Japanese one and English one. In the Japanese they did not suggest any bond or unity, not caring for one another, only working with each other as having the same goal. Calling them “brother”, in either way, makes them more closer than they’re supposed to be.

          2) Oh, that’s great you found one. Capcom deleted most of Megaman’s website so it’s hard to search for official sources. In an interview with the “real” creator of Megaman, Akira Kitamura, he says: “As you would think, Dr. Wily’s central motivation turns out to be his relationship with Dr Light. […] Mega Man is the embodiment of justice. His heart is so good, it’s almost not human. But Dr. Light isn’t like that; he is human. And his big failure was Protoman.[…]Protoman is the proof that Dr. Light is just a human.” Thinking about it, Dr. Light is this dreamy but optimistic guy believing in robot coexistence with humans. He is shown as this genius who does prove robots can be useful and advanced enough to help humans. But his first creation had an independent mind of it’s own, disobeys the human and runs away prioritizing it’s existence/life, something no other robot would do. This should be a failure to him, an obstacle challenging his dream. He later builds Rock and Roll together as a pair with a more simple, child-like personality, maybe so they won’t be as independent and unpredictably free. I don’t think he’s the type to willingly reveal what is an embarrassing fail for him, a questionable event for the robots (which may give them the idea of abandoning their role too), and a disturbing event to humans. It also can be that telling everyone would further distance Protoman away from him. I don’t know, it’s an interesting point that can bring many interpretation.

  16. Stormtroper's Gravatar Stormtroper
    2016/11/01 Tuesday - 1:03 pm | Permalink

    Well… For point 2, also using the manga as source, Rock asked Light about Proto Man, but before Light could aswer, Dr. Cossack contacted Rock to visit him to receive Beat, so Light is relieved that he doesn’t need to explain about Blues:
    Still strange that he doesn’t know the truth… Why Light doesn’t want to tell him? Is he afraid of Rock running away like Blues?

    Also, for multiple bodies there are also Mega Man/Copy Robot, Zero/Omega and X/Copy X. I think there can be more than one body, but even if their memories and programming are copied and modified, their personality and experience can’t, which is what makes them unique.

    In Mega Man & Bass the 1-UP is called “Spare Body”, which I believe to be an empty shell used as backup, with the memory being transfered to it in case something happens to the body. As Auto says: “It will add an extra life. Think of it like life insurance, the more you have, the better off you are.”


    • 2016/11/16 Wednesday - 6:54 pm | Permalink

      Nice to know one manga, at least, specifically says Rock doesn’t know Proto is his bro. I don’t think he knows in Ariga either, but it’s been a while since I read that.

      The X series is outside the scope of my question. They’re a different sort of robot.

      I think you may be self-refuting. If you take the 1-up literally as a “spare body” then you’re saying that their personality and experience do get transferred to this new body. I know there’s a 1-up in one manga I have, but I can’t tell if it’s ever used or what it’s about.

      Mmmmm, I think you’re also misinterpreting my question regarding multiples. Obviously, there can be multiples, but the question is … are there? Copy Robot is a guy made, specifically, to be a copy, so that’s a unique case. Is there 20 Gutsmen running around all over the world and only one was reprogrammed? And, if not, why not? Regarding the games I cited two examples, but PU specifically removed the army of Gutsmen. So maybe something changed along the way.

      • Long-Winded Man's Gravatar Long-Winded Man
        2016/11/23 Wednesday - 8:24 pm | Permalink

        No idea if there is an official answer, but it always made me curious. There are mass produced robots like Sniper Joes, but boss characters are probably unique due to being advanced “job productions” or handcraft from their creators. Light and Wily made most of the bosses themselves, as noted in Light’s diary from the recent collection ( ) and many of their bios, so there may be no copies of them due to their unique production process or how advanced they are for other people to recreate (specially X, which Cain did attempt to reproduce, leading to the creation of Reploids).

        In MM1 and MMV (GB), there are multiple copies of bosses visible, so Wily planned to mass produce these superior designs to use in his army, but in MM1, assuming little time passed after his theft and that he had to reverse-engineer Light’s robots, he was unable to finish them because of Mega Man’s interruption. (and in other games due to often lacking funds and/or time to do so)

        Also, taking gameplay into account, the returning bosses from MMV are weaker than the original (or Mega Man got stronger), so they may be copies that lost some or of the original’s qualities, which is why copies are not often done. (Wily instead prefers new designs or “improvements” like Metal Man, Crash Man, Heat Man, Guts Tank, … and remodelling stolen robots, making them “custom works”)

        Adding the X series, there is this:
        If there can be mass-produced Reploids (which AI is presumably higher than Robot Masters), why not mass-produced Robot Masters? I would not doubt that if there was demand, people would probably mass-produce them, but the bosses are out due to the reasons mentioned. In fact, MM9 suggests that at the time of the original series there is an excess of robots, leading to them having expiration dates to avoid it.

        I wonder how a Robot Master would feel seeing a copy of him. Proto Man hates Sniper Joes (and Copy Robot in MMPU), but in the future, most Reploids don’t appear to care… But them again, would a twin be troubled with his siblings? They may think along the lines of “being siblings from the same production line”?

        Its all my opinion, so again, no idea if there is an aswer… But quoting Light from the collection link:
        “I’ve built my DRN series upon the firmly held foundation that in order to truly benefit humanity, a robot must be able to peacefully coexist among humans. These six whom I’ve taken to calling my Numbers have been crafted to embody all of my love, hope, aspirations, and goodwill.”
        They are supposed to be this. Massproducing them would kinda kill the point. While Wily may make copies, like coping Mega Man twice (MM1 and MM3, and Bass could count as one “improved copy”) and planning to create “King II” (MM&B ending), I don’t think Light would want that for them, specially after his experience with Proto Man.

        Unless you count Mega Man’s Soccer as canon…:

        • 2016/11/28 Monday - 9:29 pm | Permalink

          Well, that’s just Dr. Light, though isn’t it? There’s also Wily, Cossack, and any other random inventor you want to add to the mix.

          As a side note MM9 adds a certain cynicism to Light’s goals. Robots embody all his ideals … until they expire on some random date. Hm.

          MMV’s RMKs are odd. I mean in what way are they copies? I guess Wily would have to reverse engineer Quint, but the rest are his own design. Can you “copy” a robot if you’re it’s original creator and, presumably, have their plans to work with? Of course the real answer to this is that “it’s a game and Punk and Ballade needed to be re-balanced”. But I don’t think the MMV army should be considered copy robots. I suppose I can consider the Gutsmen in MM1 KOs, but there’s no reason to think Wily had to KO his own work.

          I think the idea that they’re custom built makes the most sense. It explains why Wily would need to steal them as opposed to just being able to make his own. Of course I don’t think it makes TOTAL sense. I mean, why would you be fine with making tons of Sniper Joes but NOT fine with making tons of Gutsmen? I guess I just have to chalk that up to a quirk of the world.

          But then I have to loop back to the absurdity of Wily KOing his own work on most of the boss refights. Oh, well. I guess its just game logic.

          • Quint Shadow's Gravatar Quint Shadow
            2016/12/04 Sunday - 9:14 am | Permalink

            For MMV Killers, it is worth noting that Proto Man destroyed Wily’s plans for King II, which Wily probably used a lot of time thinking on how to create and would be difficult to recreate without the design plans. Wily isn’t a computer to have all the details of all his creations memorized, so there is no way to redo a King without those. Without the original to analyze, the only option left would be restart from nothing, leading to a King that is different from the one he did before or a new robot that is inferior or superior (like Zero). It is not unlikely that he either lost or forgot some details about the creation of the Killers (or just hasted their recreation if he hadn’t), resulting in the loss of quality the originals had. He may also have replaced some high quality parts by cheaper ones to reduce the cost.

          • Quint Shadow's Gravatar Quint Shadow
            2016/12/06 Tuesday - 8:39 pm | Permalink

            Also, forgot to mention that Mega Man got stronger. He could not even scratch Terra in the beginning, and is defeat with a single hit, but later has a rematch and is able to take and give damage. Even if the MMV Killers and Quint are the originals and slightly improved, he already fought them before, so not only he knows what they are able to do and their weaknesses, he also got improvements and is able to take them down with less difficulty than the first time he faced them.

  17. TGCF's Gravatar TGCF
    2016/12/28 Wednesday - 7:57 am | Permalink

    Here’s another thing I’ve been wondering. What was the original purpose of the Repliforce in Rockman X4? In the 25th anniversary book, instead of being created by Cain, it was established by many Reploids. So what’s the full original backstory?

  18. 2017/01/08 Sunday - 11:53 pm | Permalink

    @Quint Shadow – Wily losing designs kinda goes against the smell test. I mean on paper it COULD happen, but then you’d have to figure that Wily just made all new designs for old robots when he could easily have made (or stolen) new robots.

    I … guess Megaman’s upgrades could have made him stronger. I mean, that’s very likely. More likely than Wily losing plans.

  19. Maverick Hunted's Gravatar Maverick Hunted
    2017/01/20 Friday - 2:14 pm | Permalink

    It is know that Sigma is Dr. Cain’s greatest creation, but I find it hard to believe Dr. Cain was able to create an advanced Reploid on his first try, and wonder if these are different interpretations of text (like Dr. Weil in Z4 refering to humans as the creators of Reploids, but some people somehow interpreting the way he talked as him being the creator of Reploids as a whole or just that he is a scientist that made some Reploids). I’d like to ask if one or more of the those about Sigma is true:
    *Sigma is the “number 1” Reploid created by Cain. (already known)
    *Sigma is Cain’s 1st creation AND the 1st Reploid created.
    **(Later having upgrades to be the most advanced, unless Cain was lucky like Wily was with Bass?)
    *Sigma is the 1st Reploid created by Cain himself, but not the 1st Reploid created.
    *Sigma is the 1st Reploid Cain created based directly on all the knowledge he gathered from X and the Reploids in order to make the most advanced Reploid.

  20. 2017/03/14 Tuesday - 9:50 am | Permalink

    @#20, by any chance, do you know where did this citation on the wikia link get the info on Inafune’s 1999 interview about Roll was planned to be a playable character in Mega Man 2? (see quote below)

    “According to a 1999 interview with Keiji Inafune, Roll was originally intended to be playable alongside Mega Man in Mega Man 2, but the decision was made not to change the formula carried over from the first game. This was because they felt that the game wouldn’t have worked as well with a co-op two player mode, and because the executives at Capcom didn’t want to promote a game starring a girl at a time when they felt the home console audience was made primarily of boys.”

    • Lily's Gravatar Lily
      2017/03/20 Monday - 2:57 pm | Permalink

      That’s sexist! GIRL POWER! GIRL GAMERS UNITE!

    • Lily's Gravatar Lily
      2017/03/20 Monday - 2:57 pm | Permalink


  21. #20's Gravatar #20
    2017/03/17 Friday - 12:01 pm | Permalink

    For years I have searched for verification, and I have found no evidence for whatsoever to support this. I strongly believe that this is purely a rumor that has been speculated upon and copy pasted over and over from wiki to wiki.

  22. Conquering the World of Top Spins's Gravatar Conquering the World of Top Spins
    2017/03/23 Thursday - 3:21 pm | Permalink

    Hi #20, can I request the Japanese names of the books Dr. Wily is reading in the Maniax short “Dr. Wily’s Diary of Evil Genius”? (New! Mega Man, Iron Alliance, Ccolo: The Overlord, Lalastein, Alexander, Genghis Khan, Scientist, Mobile Weapons, World of Dr. Bakuda, and My Struggle)

  23. Lily's Gravatar Lily
    2017/06/25 Sunday - 7:31 pm | Permalink

    Any word on what’s up with Ultron-Sigma and the new MvC?
    PS: am I the only one who thinks the new MvC looks pretty cool?

  24. 2017/07/21 Friday - 6:35 pm | Permalink

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  25. Yami Rokku's Gravatar Yami Rokku
    2017/08/17 Thursday - 8:11 am | Permalink

    For Rockman DASH and DASH 2, is there an official name for the “karma/behavior/popularity/whatever” system that determines Rock’s light/dark colors? And what Japanese books say about it? (haven’t seen anything about it in the Daibouken Guide book, not even the can kick)

    By the way, can I request a translation of the Rockman DASH Daibouken Guide’s map and pages 27-51, 58-59, and 63-103? (or at least a summary about Kattelox Island, Refractors, Reaverbots, Flutter, Support Car, Geselscahft, and pages 58-59?)

  26. Bee Blader's Gravatar Bee Blader
    2017/09/27 Wednesday - 4:43 pm | Permalink

    Is Spycopter (Mega Man X3 and Xtreme 2) based on a spider? Most sites I saw says it is, but I don’t think it looks much like one, and the few books I have don’t mention it. Is there a mention of what it is based on in any book?

  27. Maverick Art Hunter's Gravatar Maverick Art Hunter
    2017/10/04 Wednesday - 9:58 am | Permalink

    Hi! Can I request some rare art? I’d like scans of the Mega Man X3 weapons and the Wily Tower fortress bosses (alongside their info), which I heard can be found in the “Rockman X Chohyakka” and “Rockman 7 & Rockman X3 Daizukan”.

  28. Anon's Gravatar Anon
    2017/12/12 Tuesday - 6:50 pm | Permalink

    Psst, you alive?

  29. Bukinashi Man's Gravatar Bukinashi Man
    2018/01/05 Friday - 10:52 am | Permalink

    I’d wonder that too if I hadn’t seen him appear once in a while on other sites…

    BTW, can I ask something? Seeing the attack names for the MM2 bosses in Super Robot Wars (probably the 1st time given names), I wonder if any of the classic and Legends Mega Man bosses have official names for their attacks? (MM1-10, MM&B, the Game Boy games, Wily Wars, Legends 1-2, and Tron ni Kobun)

    Excluding Soccer and Battle & Chase (where all characters are playable), I haven’t seen any attack name for any game from those series in any source I know, only for other series: MMX (specially in Compendium of Rockman X), Zero, ZX, BN and SF (guidebooks, anime, …). Some are even given in-game, like X1 and ZXA. The Rockman & Forte guide for example gives detailed explanations about boss attacks, but they don’t appear to be named.

  30. Ruby Lances or Sapphire Spears's Gravatar Ruby Lances or Sapphire Spears
    2018/03/05 Monday - 2:20 pm | Permalink

    Seeing “Retro Origins” and “Retro Designs”, I wonder how many and which magazines contain info about the Ruby-Spears Mega Man TV series, the Upon a Star OVA, and Captain N. Would be good to at least know of 1992-1996 magazines that mentions them Ruby Spears toon. The only magazine that I could find with them was this one from a Brazilian magazine (Animax #6):

  31. Sacaq's Gravatar Sacaq
    2018/03/21 Wednesday - 1:33 pm | Permalink

    1. Where were the old armors of X? Did X sent them back to the capsule or somewhere or the armors just broke after the battles?
    2. What is the meaning of the other capsule which is broken, before entering the boss rush room in X2?
    3. Did the story of Mega Mission series happen in the timeline without conflicts?
    4. Did X fight with Zero in X2 when taking X5~X8 stories into consideration?

  32. Asking Man's Gravatar Asking Man
    2019/12/02 Monday - 5:02 pm | Permalink
    Got a better quality of those Rockman ads? (7, X2, and World 5)

  33. Metalman's Gravatar Metalman
    2020/02/21 Friday - 4:06 pm | Permalink

    Hi 20! Can I request a scan of page 101 from the Rockman ZX Official Complete Guide? According to u-Capcom’s “Rockman ZX Questions with Vent and Aile 10”, this page has an explaination of why Reploids have red triangles in their foreheads, and I’d like to know the details.

  34. Forte's Gravatar Forte
    2020/05/24 Sunday - 9:58 pm | Permalink

    Are you ever coming back?

  35. Dr. Doppler's Gravatar Dr. Doppler
    2020/07/08 Wednesday - 2:31 pm | Permalink

    Who is Dr. Inoppler? All I know is that he is from Bandai’s Mega Armor series.

  36. spotanjo3's Gravatar spotanjo3
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    Please bring your site back to alive. It is good and I like it.

  37. Digger's Gravatar Digger
    2021/09/28 Tuesday - 11:01 pm | Permalink

    “Jagd Krabbe” and “Jagd Krabbe Kai”? Where is it said that the crabs from Rockman DASH 2 Episode 1 and 2 are different?

  38. Marvelous Anonymouse's Gravatar Marvelous Anonymouse
    2023/07/17 Monday - 1:53 pm | Permalink

    Please come back, #20…

  39. spotanjo3's Gravatar spotanjo3
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    Hi. whats happened to your site ? I would love to see your new update. Loved your site.

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