Mega Man Universe Teaser Trailer

It came out today. Having watched it 10 times now, I still have no idea what to expect for the actual game. Inafune’s interview with Gamespot on the subject sounded like the “Mega Man” part of “Mega Man Universe” could be merely incidental.

“This time, I have included a lot of new gameplay concepts into this game. If we were to make a completely new game, people wouldn’t focus on these new concepts as they would be more focused on the new characters. By choosing Mega Man, a character that already has a strong following and is a character I’m personally attached to, this will allow people to focus on what is new about this game and what special gameplay opportunities can come from these new features.”

He also mentions an ongoing 80’s theme and stresses the importance of imagination in this title, asking how we think the worlds of Mega Man, Street Fighter and Ghosts ‘n’ Goblins might intersect. I felt compelled to answer.

I’m predicting a “Mega Man comes out of the game world” concept, maybe entering other game worlds as well, the way Gumby used to enter the worlds of books. (Remember that?) Right now, that’s the only thing that really comes to mind.

More news is supposed to be forthcoming, and maybe some Rockman Universe news too. We’ll see what happens!

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