Monthly Archives: December, 2012

Rock’s Top Secret Photos Revealed!

Paparazzi, photophiles, and other proponents of peeking at people’s private photographs, rejoice! The Rockman Daizukan has published pictures pertaining to our plucky robot protagonist’s personal portfolio! What intimate secrets does it hold?

Toru Nakayama’s Women of Rockman

Like the Heroes calendar, Capcom’s 2012 Girls Calendar featured its own Rockman panorama, this one by famed Rockman Zero series artist Toru Nakayama. Taking up the highly contended for New Years/Valentine’s Day position, no less! Not quite as comprehensive as the boys’ side. This one has representations from more of the different subgroups of Rockman, […]

Well, it was a nice idea…

Well, this week did not go AT ALL as I had hoped. Busy schedule kept me from doing much translating or scanning, so “25 Days of Rockman” has been a spectacular failure so far (like Dr. Wily, all my failed schemes are special). At any rate, I’ll be playing some catch up this weekend. Pretend […]

When it rains, it pours

Filler Fun

Today’s post is getting delayed until (much later) tonight. (Yay, my first setback!) So enjoy this short comic by Hitoshi Ariga instead.

Getting In Tune With The Times

Music has always been a huge part of Rockman. Judging from the 3:1 ratio of soundtracks to actual new game releases in the past 5 years (at least), music is now a large part of Capcom’s bottom line for Rockman as well. Between the E-Can, the 25th anniversary Techno and Rock remixes, Rockman Holic and […]

Yusuke Murata’s Epic Rockman

Today’s offering comes from the recent Capcom Heroes 2012 calendar, art by Yusuke Murata. If you’ve perused near the end of the Mega Man Official Complete Works book, you may remember him as the guy who submitted the original Dust Man and Crystal Man designs as a kid, then grew up to become a successful […]

25 Days of Rockman

In honor of Rockman’s 25th birthday, I’m attempting something I’ve never managed to do in the past: 25 posts. IN A ROW. One for each year of Rockman’s existence. I’ll be putting up some very old and very rare stuff I’ve been saving for a special occasion. And this time, nothing’s gonna stop me… Unless […]