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Mega Man 9 Puzzling Mystery Secret of Riddle

Halfway to being discovered? I know June 17 isn’t really halfway to December 17, but I still have a feeling the secret is somehow related to Mega Man’s birthday, even though nobody seemed to catch it in ’08. I wonder what glories shall be heaped upon the victorious seeker… Probably more fun in my imagination […]

Mega Mission, Part 3

Continued from Part 1 and Part 2 Card No. 27 Description (Back): Title (Front): Incept Chaser DATA: A cutting edge repliroid who is the closest aide of Dr. Doppler. He is an Incept Chaser like Curtiss. WEAPON: His hands are lethal weapons. His chopping strike is performed with great speed and agility, and can even […]

Mega Mission, Part 2

Continued from Part 1

Megamix and Bondman

I’ve been reading a lot from Japan lately about the new Megamix compilations. The most interesting thing I’ve read so far has to do with the “Rockman Tanjou Densetsu,” or Rockman Creation Legend section where Ariga and Inafune discuss the behind-the-scenes secrets surrounding Rockman’s birth. One interesting story about the first Rockman game is that […]

Mega Man?

Playing through Rockman Rockman (actually, Rockman Timeman) recently, I noticed that the Japanese version held a clue to the reason behind the faker “Rockman?” that was absent from the English Powered Up dialogue. It gives an interesting insight about the alternate storyline of the bosses.

Ciel would be proud

It’s not quite what Nakayama designed, but this real life flower-shaped power plant certainly feels like something right out of the Zero/ZX series. It doesn’t run on Cyber Elves or Energen Crystals, but instead utilizes the Dr. Light’s energy of choice, solar power. Check it out!

On Translating Japanese

I wanted to take a moment to discuss my approach to translating Japanese.

Mega Mission Translation, Take 1

Here we go, part one of my Mega Mission translation project.

Vile Mk-0 to build space colony

I’m probably the last one to know about this. If not, maybe one of you reading this is. NASA’s got a Robo-Fett working for them. Almost makes me wish I’d followed up on that whole “I wanna be an astronaut!” thing when I was a kid. Oh, well. They say it’s based on the Roman […]

The longest journey begins with a single step

Or, the longest wall of text begins with a single word.