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The Power of Love

There’s less than a week left in the year, so let’s end the year with love, memories, and joy! Not mine, but someone else’s. From the pages of CAP! magazine comes Love Love Capcom Characters! Hideki Ishikawa draws some of his favorite Capcom faces. Naturally, there’s some Rockman love in there too! So snuggle up […]

Seasonal Fashion with Tron Bonne

Christmas is just around the corner (one week left!) so here to show us the latest look for this winter is none other than that renown pirate fashionista, Tron Bonne herself!

More Fun Than A Monkey of Barrell’s

We’ve reached the last two principal character biographies from the DASH Great Adventure Guide! So check that number eleven valve again, and hang on tight! We’re coming in hot!

Mysteries Unfold

Hope you guys aren’t tired of book jackets yet. Your Free Pic Friday for the week comes from the front inside cover of the Rockman DASH 2 Final Digouter’s File. The picture itself was used widely as an early promotional image for Rockman DASH 2. The text reads: With the adventure of Kattelox Island, the […]

The Great Adventure Guide, Uncovered

Let’s do something a little sillier today. The Rockman DASH Capcom Official Creation Material Collection Great Adventure Guide is a great source for uncovering all sorts of information on the making of Rockman DASH. But what happens when that guide itself is uncovered?

Worlds of Possibility

We were recently introduced to Klickelan Island, the latest addition to our growing Mega Man Legends atlas. What we’ve seen so far about Teomo City and its people had me very excited. It may be a new backdrop, but as far as Legends-style settings and adventures are concerned, for me this place feels more like […]

We Are Rockman

Following Juno, there were even more “Rockman” units designed for potential use in DASH2. Many of these were shown for the first time in the recently released Capcom Special Selection Rockman DASH 2 art book and soundtrack pack, but one of them had been previously shown in the Rockman DASH 2 Final Digouter’s File (check […]

He’s a Bad, Bad Rockman

One of the intriguing mysteries of the Rockman DASH series is the use of the title “Rockman” by ancient and powerful beings who may have once controlled the world. Even before there was Rockman Juno, the developers were toying with different ideas for an antagonistic Rockman to serve as a foil for our hero. We […]

Helloooooo Nurse!

With the Legends 3 Heroine Contest now over, many have expressed their hope that the designs that didn’t win would still make appearances in the game in some manner. To them I say, there is hope! Some unused main character designs have made their way into the games for minor roles in the past. Characters […]

Free Meal Friday

The characters from Rockman DASH sit down to a feast with other Capcom characters in this little pic that appeared in CAP! Vol. 8. Looks like MegaMan is getting just a little too much attention from Lilith for Roll’s tastes. Meanwhile: Jimmy like Servbot!