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The Race for Recognition

For this Free Pic Friday, another of Ryuji Higurashi’s fan art submissions from before he was Capcom, as appeared in CAP! magazine #5 in late 1997. His bunny-eared Lilly design was recently voted 5th place by fans in the Legends 3 New Heroine Contest! As noted on the side by the image, Capcom was really […]

Ask Me 3: The Final Lesson!?

Dr. Right’s final question & answer column appeared in the last issue of Club Capcom magazine in Spring of 1994. The magazine didn’t give much indication it was ending, so there was no tearful signing-off-for-the-last-time moment. It’s too bad that the column ended the way it did. It was just starting to get interesting!

Strawberry Field-type Robots Forever

Man, it’s been a busy week for Mega Man news. Universe shows off its style and customization, R. Online reveals more setting art, Marvel vs Capcom 3 says “Yes!!” to Tron Bonne. Whew, what a ride! Next week is Blues week at the Lav. Enjoy your weekend!

Doodle Duo

This was going to be Duo week, but I haven’t had time to finish any of my plans. Maybe I’ll have a duo of Duo weeks. Yatta!

Dynamic Duo

Hey guys. No, I didn’t forget about blogging for two weeks in a row. Not me! I actually had something I started on last week, but I didn’t finish it in time. Instead, enjoy this picture of Rock and Duo by Ryuji Higurashi. I do believe this was from before he started working for Capcom, […]

Rush Rider

Rock and Rush try some role reversal. I wanted to go to Otakon this weekend, but it looks like I probably won’t make it. This has been a pretty lame week for me and Mega Man related things.

I answer some questions

Hey guys. I know it’s Monday, but I don’t really have anything for you. Sorry, I’ve been kinda busy with other things. So instead, I think I’ll answer a few of the questions I’ve been getting lately.

Dr. "I’m Always" Right Breaks It Down

It’s time for another edition of Dr. Right’s “Ask Me!”

The Mega Man Cartoon: A Japanese Perspective

One staple of the CFC-Style Fan Books was the feature “Uchihirano 3rd Block General Store”. Named after Capcom’s headquarters in Osaka, Japan, this continuing column provided Japanese fans a chance to look at rare Capcom paraphernalia, forgotten things from Capcom’s early years or merchandise that was only released in certain parts of the globe. Narrated […]

Free Scribble Friday

Another weird piece taken from the margins of CAP!