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The Lady, the Scoundrel, and the Gun

Time now for the Irregular Hunter X edition of The Answer.

What-if Rockman Reboot, Plus Some Battle & Chase Love

If Capcom were to reboot classic Rockman, what kind of changes would we see? And if they were free to make any game they wanted, what would the Capcom devs themselves choose to make? This edition of The Answer holds the answers.

The times, they are a-changin’

Time for more answers from The Answer, this time talking about the classic-to-X time interval and the disappearance of Rock’s charge and slide abilities in 9 and 10.

The Answer

R20+5 contains page after page of interviews with Rockman series artists, past, present, and up and coming. It culminates in a section called “The Answer” where more than 10 representatives of Capcom and Inti Creates take turns answering over 50 of the fans’ Rockman-related questions gathered from Rockman Unity. I thought it would be fun […]

Rock Manual The Third

Third time’s the charm.

Think About Your Troubles

The Rockman Character Collection: a 60 page booklet made as a special gift and sent to those who entered the boss character design contest for Rockman 4. In the closing of the book is a brief page-and-a-half talk with members of the development team at Capcom, discussing some development trivia, including some things I’ve not […]

The Rock Manual part 2

More manual madness, with Mega Man 2.

This Rockman Ad is Odd

I think it’s become pretty common knowledge that the first Rockman game was a slow-starting moderate sales success, whereas Rockman 2 is the game that really put the series on the map. Rockman was first slated for Japanese release in November of 1987, but as fate would have it the game was delayed until December’s […]

The Rock Manual

An anniversary is retrospective by nature. It’s a time of looking back, remembering how things started, and taking note of how far we’ve come. With that in mind, let’s look at what a Rockman game manual looked like 25 years ago.

Toru Nakayama’s Women of Rockman

Like the Heroes calendar, Capcom’s 2012 Girls Calendar featured its own Rockman panorama, this one by famed Rockman Zero series artist Toru Nakayama. Taking up the highly contended for New Years/Valentine’s Day position, no less! Not quite as comprehensive as the boys’ side. This one has representations from more of the different subgroups of Rockman, […]