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Mighty Empowered

Finally a new post, but it isn’t Mega Man that’s dragging me out of my blogging funk.

What month is it again?

Whoops, looks like I didn’t update in April. As I’m sure a lot of people have already noticed, it periodically happens where blogging about Mega Man temporarily loses its charm for me. I’m often amazed how dudes like David, Adam and Brian can do so with such regularity. I bet that there have got to […]

25 Years of Rockman

In which I subject you all cruelly to my mediocre attempt at fan art!

Well, it was a nice idea…

Well, this week did not go AT ALL as I had hoped. Busy schedule kept me from doing much translating or scanning, so “25 Days of Rockman” has been a spectacular failure so far (like Dr. Wily, all my failed schemes are special). At any rate, I’ll be playing some catch up this weekend. Pretend […]

Happy Katanakka, one and all!

It’s our day of Thanksgiving here in the States. Why not take a minute to appreciate the people who are closest to you?

Stuff that goes on.

It’s been a struggle finding the motivation to get a proper post done, with all that’s been going on lately in Mega Man. I know what’s what you’re here for, so I apologize for not having more to give you right now. While I try to get my act together, here’s some other stuff that’s […]

Words fail me.

I’m already going to be losing sleep over it. You know what I’m talking about. To those of you who are hurt and deeply saddened by the news, I am with you. To those of you who are feeling angry and betrayed, I am right beside you. For all those of you who are disappointed […]

I want a foreign cellphone

Random thought: It’s a shame that Virtual Console re-releases of games don’t include some of the unique additions that their cellphone counterparts do. I know they’re supposed to be “unchanged” emulated versions or whatever, but I mean, how cool is stuff like that? Maybe they should add some cellphone virtual console support. I’m more for […]

Manic-Depressive Monday

Bad news kats and kittens, been too crazy busy to put together a post for today. Please enjoy this from MegaCats instead. We’ll make up for this lack of a proper Monday update later in the week.

Poll Results Are In

And the top three winners comprising over two thirds of the vote are: Legends, X, and Classic. Basically the three Mega Man series that already make up most of the Lav’s posts. Since Legends is the big winner, and since the Legends 3 Prototype Version is still coming up sometime in June, you can expect […]