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At last, it’s time to look at the greatest and best characters in the entire Legends world! The Servbots!! (What, me biased? You must be mistaken!)

Free DASH Pic Weekend part 4

In which Tron’s true genius shines brightly!

Free DASH Pic Weekend part 3

In which Roll’s evil master plan is revealed!

Free DASH Pic Weekend part 2

In which Tron has successfully followed MegaMan and the others back to their camp.

Free DASH Pic Weekend part 1

Every day this weekend I’ll be putting up one of four pieces by Kodansha artist Beruno Ohtsuki that were used as chapter breaks in the Rockman DASH Kanzen Kouryaku Guide (or Complete Capture Guide). Each picture serves as a comic panel that tells a progressive story. The final one will be up on Monday. All […]

Baby Big Brother

We talked about Teisel, we talked about Tron. So now it is time to talk about Bon!

Newest Legends Character: Lilly?

A lot of exciting news today surrounding the Mega Man Legends 3 Project. Their first fan-interaction poll is up, where fans can vote on which design will be utilized for their new female character, tentatively called “Lilly.” Nine experienced Rockman series artists each submitted a design utilizing an official character biography from the DASH3 planning […]

Free-for-all Friday

Taking a little break from all the DASH ongoings, I present Carddas Rockman #44. Rockman battles an onslaught of enemies from the original Rockman game, including Sniper Joe, Crazy Razy, two Killer Bombs, and the Yellow Devil himself. 44. As hordes of enemies rush in, the Rockbuster blasts them away!!

Hey do you know Juno?

Mega Man Juno. He’s got to be one of the most surprising final bosses ever to appear in a Mega Man game. With a body like an armored bell and a face like a 14 year old Japanese raver girl, Juno quickly stole the role of villain shortly after his appearance by announcing his intention […]

A T. Bonne to Pick

Sorry guys, much like Teisel settling his debt with Lex Loath, this one’s a day late and a refractor short.