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Gamepro Rools the MM Cartoon Info

This one’s just for the lulz.

I think this is awesome.

You’ve probably seen this already. It’s too expensive for me to import at this time, but I’d be all over that. Thanks Protodude & Anonymous!

The Mega Man Cartoon: A Japanese Perspective

One staple of the CFC-Style Fan Books was the feature “Uchihirano 3rd Block General Store”. Named after Capcom’s headquarters in Osaka, Japan, this continuing column provided Japanese fans a chance to look at rare Capcom paraphernalia, forgotten things from Capcom’s early years or merchandise that was only released in certain parts of the globe. Narrated […]

Free Scribble Friday

Another weird piece taken from the margins of CAP!

Rockman X: Origins

Continued from last time, Club Capcom Magazine delves into the hidden past and unseen future of Rockman X.

Happy Day of Sigma?

While perusing the Compendium of Rockman X recently, I was reminded of an obscure fact. In the American manual for the game Mega Man X, Cain’s journal entry date for Sigma’s rebellion was the fourth of June. Meanwhile in the Japanese version of Cain’s journal that appeared first in the Rockman X PC game manual, […]

Rockman Storytime

Mega Man Network brought out their own version of this book, done the way I originally wanted to as a scanlation. It’s probably better than mine, I must say. (I realized at least one mistake I had made in mine!) Go lookie.

Happy Independence Day

Roll-play: Caskett Style

From CAP! Volume 6. Front, side, and back view of Roll’s outfit, and even her underwear. Imitators welcome!