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The Manga of Rockman Perfect Memories, part 2

Ready for some more manga? Today we’re serving up some X series manga from page 66 of Rockman Perfect Memories. And… Action!

The Manga of Rockman Perfect Memories, part 1

I hereby declare this week Rockman Manga Week at the Lav! I’ll post up a new scan and translation (but not scanlation) every day until Friday. We’ll start off with the one-page comics that appeared in the book Rockman Perfect Memories. They are the work of female yonkoma manga artist Yuutarou Kawamoto, who is perhaps […]

Forsaken Future Fridays

Check out this mini comic by Masahiro Fujii, from CapYon Vol. 2. The Future None Dare Speak Of Panel 1: The mysterious enemy known as Quint… is actually the Rockman of the future who was remodeled by Dr. Wily. X: Wha- Panel 2: You’re talking about me!? That thing is me!? Panel 3: X: Nah…… […]

Rock Brother

The tale of Rockman’s long lost older bro who left home mysteriously never to return …and I don’t mean Blues.

A Special Request

Friday futbol! Art by Hitoshi Ariga. This one’s for you, Eve.

The Weird, Wild & Whimsical World of “Rock & Rush”

The Capricious Rock & Rush is the comic series drawn by Capcom’s accidental manga artist, Sakura. These and his other works have appeared in various Capcom books, fan club magazines and promotional materials, and were even included as unlockable art in the gallery of the PS1 Rockman ports (soon to be available on the PSN!) […]

When Irregulars Attack

An irregular incident can occur any time, any place. Those closest to law enforcement know this best of all. As those on the beat will tell you, wearing a badge is no protection against a sudden and senseless attack from a rampaging repliroid. Hundreds of Irregular Hunters fall in the line of duty each year, […]

Give a Little Whistle

And always let you conscience circuit be your guide.

Trekkies have one… shouldn’t Mega Man?

The Mega Man Network has done some articles recently that show they aren’t afraid ask the tough questions and probe the deepest darkest secrets of the Mega Man franchise. This is mostly a response to this one in particular, which also did not escape the attention of manga artist Hitoshi Ariga. In 2008 he also […]

Rockman Gigamix

So, the first volume of Hitoshi Ariga’s Rockman Gigamix manga is out in Japan now. I’m not lucky enough to have my hands on it yet, but I hear good things. Hopefully the wave of excitement and attention it’s getting will last through to the other two planned volumes. Speaking of which, Ariga’s just put […]