Heavenly Idols

Sera and Yuna performing as HEAVEN STARS. Art by Hideki Ishikawa.

Sera and Yuna perform as HEAVEN ★ STARS.
Art by Hideki Ishikawa.

Today’s pic comes from the Rockman DASH 3: The Prologue (8-bit ver.) Original Soundtrack. Hideki Ishikawa was brought on as a freelance artist to design this image for the insert. In case you didn’t know there happens to be a contest where you can win your own physical copy of the soundtrack going on right now. All one needs to do is show support for #ReviveMML3 on Twitter. Now that Sony’s taking on funding lost causes, there’s an actual chance it could make a difference.

Additional image & translation stuff below.

Concept art and commentary by Hideki.

Concept art and commentary by Hideki.

Heaven’s Breakout New Idol Unit
(Since they’ve got way too much free time up on Heaven, they can put on shows like this and transmit them back to earth)

Matilda as Producer
Rock as their Personal Assistant/Errand Boy

That reminds me, I was never really clear on why they were trapped on Heaven (Elysium) in the first place. Even if the system is “no longer functioning” whatever that refers to, they still have a huge leg up. An artifical moon’s worth of technology, subservient reaverbots, refractors, and not one thing that can be fashioned into a spacecraft? Or a teleporter, even? Seems like it should be far easier for them than for the carbons to construct a shuttle capable of leaving the atmosphere, landing or docking with the station somehow, and then making a return flight and atmospheric re-entry. For however long it takes for Tron and Roll to build 28 rockets, I think MegaMan and two androids who were designed to oversee entire planets could come up with something in a fraction of the time.

Speaking of time, we still have over a week left for the Red Ash Kickstarter, for anyone who would rather help ensure a modern MegaMan Legends styled game is made than bemoan and chastise Inafune for his hubris, but if you’re reading this blog then I imagine you’ve already decided one way or the other where your heart lies.

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  1. Popful's Gravatar Popful
    2015/07/25 Saturday - 7:56 am | Permalink

    Thank you for sharing this rare piece. It’s cute.

  2. 2015/07/25 Saturday - 1:47 pm | Permalink

    Good to see our JP team’s MML3 Prologue 8-bit game getting some recognition again! Thanks for sharing!

  3. mirahsan2's Gravatar mirahsan2
    2015/07/26 Sunday - 10:04 pm | Permalink
  4. PStart's Gravatar PStart
    2015/07/28 Tuesday - 12:49 am | Permalink

    There’s so many interesting twists and turns that could have happened with Legends 3’s story with regards to why Mega Man couldn’t leave Elysium. Maybe they were under attack, or had to leave to stop something else, or maybe they did escape but got stranded when they hit the planet, and when Barrett reaches Elysium it’s empty and he has to piece together what happened. Mannnn….

    Thanks for the translation on the sketch! And for being so supportive of both MML3 and Red Ash : )

  5. SeraFan's Gravatar SeraFan
    2016/07/07 Thursday - 4:15 pm | Permalink

    Hideki Ishikawa Is a God when it comes to draw sexy lolis.

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