Third time’s the cliché. Let’s get into some X3 Q-bans!

Rockman X3 Q-ban

The X3 armor has the best accuracy by far. Details are very on-point. Colors are (mostly) consistent with a slight few exceptions. A few minor changes, like the white sticking out on the helmet, but it matches well with the other Q versions of X. Even this particular pose is reminiscent of official art.

Megaman X3 Q-ban

You have your standard straight-ahead pose, of course. And then there’s this angle below, a little fuzzier on some details there but overall still very accurate.

X3 Armor X Q-ban

Now for some poster stuff!

Q-ban Poster Card X1 - X3

X from all three games hanging out.

Q-bans Holograph Card

Also available in super shiny foil stickers! (Reminds me of gaudy X-mas decorations.)

And now a special bonus — Power Rockman!

Power Rockman Q-ban

I could not tell you why he is included in these sets. Not sure if the creators thought he was X in just another armor or if these were all different characters or what. I can tell you that it really bothers me that the Rush paw marks are towards the wrist instead of the knuckles, and that the upper legs and ears are red. Still, it’s cute I suppose.

Rockman Q-bans Together

Here’s Power Rockman hanging out with the rest of the gang, ready to be slapped onto your notepad, book cover or trapper-keeper. This was the 90s, after all.

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    Maybe this a dumb question? But this are based in the japanase material or american?

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