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Rock Diagram Rockman Character Collection
Blueprints of the blue bomber, laid bare…

Over the years there have been several diagrams of Rockman’s interior, and while what his robotic innards officially look like has varied quite a bit since first drawn up in the early 90s, the workings of his internal components have remained strongly the same as first published in the design above. From the Rockman Character Collection, it reads:

Rockman Schematic

Height/ 1320mm
Weight/ 105kg
Energy/ Solar Energy
Material/ Ceramical Titanium Alloy (Dr. Right-made)
Power/ Maximum Output 1500PS/1200rpm, Maximum Torque 220kg-m/8500rpm
Power Source/ R.S. Power Reactor (Micro-sized) Right Solar Power Pile
Dr. Right-made Solar Energy Generator
Age/ In human years roughly 10 years old

(from top left to bottom right)
Solar Energy Intake
Micro-Electronic Brain
R.S. Power Reactor
3 Slots
Weapon: Transforming Rockbuster, fires a solar bullet
Dedicated R.S. Power Reactor
EP-ROM & Circuit Board
Magnetic Joints
Air Pressure Pump


Now some of the placements in the diagram above are a little strange. The R.S. Power Reactor is listed below the Micro-Electronic Brain, but doesn’t point at anything in particular. Below that the “3 Slots” points at the ear, but actually refers to the rectangular holes along the base in the back of Rockman’s helmet. The Weapon information points the the chest where normally the R.S. Power Reactor is indicated in other sources, as we’ll see below. At the bottom, Doctor Right Numbers Number 001? A little redundant, but sure.

The next image below was taken from the Rockman Kai Special Booklet, perhaps an only slightly earlier draft than above. The artwork is extremely similar if not the same, but there are slight differences in the part labels that point towards the above display being slightly erroneous.

Rock Diagram Draft

Rockman (Production Materials)

Rockman resembling an anatomical model like you’d find in a science lab. There’s a lot of rarely divulged little establishment details drawn out here, like those parts on Rockman’s head actually being solar energy intake panels.

I wonder what the meaning of stressing the word “joints” there was. Maybe it implies some connection to Rockman’s superhuman action moves…?

(Image details from top to bottom)
Solar Energy Intake
Micro-Electronic Brain
R.S. Power Reactor
Weapon (Rockbuster)
Dedicated R.S. Power Reactor
EP-ROM & Circuit Board
Magnetic Joints
Air Compressor Pump

The R.S. Power Reactor in that image points towards the chest, while the Weapon (Rockbuster) and Dedicated R.S. Power Reactor point at the buster (and no “Solar Bullet” mention). No mention of the 3 Slots, which can’t be seen in the picture anyway. The word “Joints” (Kansetsu) is written out in kana instead of kanji and has stress marks over each syllable, which is what the passage referred to. The pump in his boots is labelled slightly differently (asshuku “compressor” instead of atsuryoku “pressure”), with “Compressor” being the more common term overall, but the actual difference between these two is negligible in my mind.

The art looks to be the same between the last two, and very close to what appeared in the game Rockman World whenever a new weapon was obtained.

From Rockman World via Sprites Inc

There have been other takes done on this piece, too. Nintendo Power had their own version drawn up of this image too (before Dr. Wily’s Revenge hit the states, actually). Among Shigeto Ikehara’s earliest Rockman works was a manga compilation of Rockman World 1 and 2,so naturally he harnessed what was one of the most iconic images from that game for the manga:

Ikehara Version

One of Ikehara’s later manga titles also drew upon Rockman’s inner skeleton for inspiration, though this one is much more Astroboy-styled than Rockman-styled.

Rockman 1 manga cover

The artwork appears to be cleaned up a bit in the Rockman & Rockman X Daizukan, with straighter lines and shading and some expanded explanations of a few items, while others are simplified. I scanned this a long time back, but here’s a fresh, improved scan for you!

Rock Diagram Rockman & Rockman X Daizukan

Rockman Blueprint

  • Rockman, the household robot developed by Doctor Right who was remodeled into a super fighting mecha!

(Left side:)
Rockman Data
Height/ 132 centimeters
Weight/ 105 kilograms
Age/ In human years approx. 10 years old (4th grade level)
Energy/ Solar Energy
Material/ Right Ceramical Titanium Alloy (Doctor Right-made)
Power/ Maximum Output 1500ps/1200rpm Maximum Torque 220kg-m/8500rpm

The Rockbuster fires an energy shot made of compressed solar energy (a Solar Bullet).

  1. The wrist draws back!
  2. Transforms into the Rockbuster!

(Right side:)
Solar Energy Intake
Micro-Electronic Brain
R.S. Power Reactor

Power Reactor
A solar energy power generator designed by Doctor Right.
EP-ROM & Circuit Board
Magnetic Joints
Air Compressor Pump

While jumping, air is jettisoned from an opening at the bottom of the foot, allowing the exhausted air pressure to assist the jump.

Back when Rockman’s 10th Anniversary was fast approaching, the dev team decided it was time for an updated version of Rockman’s schematics to appear to better suit the newer art direction. The following piece first appeared in the Capcom Secret File for Rockman 2 The Power Fighters:

Rock Diagram from Rockman 2 The Power Fighters Secret File

Classified Documents
Must be kept confidential from Wily!

Right Ceramical Titanium Alloy
This lightweight but sturdy material was developed for use by Dr. Right. It is the secret to Rockman’s strength.

Magnetic Joints
People always seem to think Rockman can’t crouch for some reason. But look, he’s got the articulation right there! How could he slide and move like that if he couldn’t crouch–sliding practically is crouching! Doesn’t everyone realize that?

Take the helmet off and see, Rockman’s got hair growing out underneath. Details like having realistic hair brings this robot ever closer to human in appearance.

Solar Energy Intake
Because of his solar power system, Rockman’s energy is semi-permanent.

Micro-Electronic Brain
Exceedingly human-like cognitive circuits. This decisive difference really separates him from your average Wily mecha!

R.S. Power Reactor
R.S. stands for Right Solar pile. It’s a solar energy power generator.

Rockman’s strongest weapon. The ability to swipe an enemy’s weapon and use it as your own is some power, without a doubt! Even Wily hasn’t able to completely imitate this system, at least so far.

Some pretty light-hearted commentary in this one, suiting the humorous direction taken by most of the Secret Files. This Rockman schematic design has become pretty popular in recent times. Perhaps due to the increased exposure, this one also gets referenced in the Archie Mega Man comics quite a bit. Here’s an unencumbered view from the Mega Man Official Complete Works book:

Rock Diagram Mega Man Official Complete Works

Around the same time as this one was made, there was another Rockman schematic done in CGI. It would be used as the cover for the Rockman 10 Years History Book, and go on to be featured in the title screens for the Playstation re-releases of Rockman 1-3. Below is a clear view from the Rockman 20th Anniversary Art Files.

Rock 3D Schematic Image

Seems like this one did it’s own thing quite a bit, rather than trying to recycle too many design elements from the other two. It’s kind of a cliche, but I like the little heart design in the power generator. Actually, the touch I’ve always liked most here was of Rush sleeping on the floor. Mega-dog, you are too cute.

That’s it for now. You can point out your favorite diagram version in the comments, if you feel so inclined.

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  1. RADIX's Gravatar RADIX
    2012/12/24 Monday - 6:54 pm | Permalink

    I guess I prefer the Power Fighters version of his schematics?

    (On a side note, I can’t look at “R.S Power Reactor” without thinking of Ruby-Spears, but I doubt it’s meant to be a reference to the cartoon)

    • 2012/12/24 Monday - 9:43 pm | Permalink

      Hah, same here! But yeah, it’s “Right Solar” if memory serves.

  2. allison's Gravatar allison
    2012/12/26 Wednesday - 1:34 am | Permalink

    Happy Holidays! #20! 🙂

  3. 2012/12/26 Wednesday - 9:56 pm | Permalink

    Fascinating. I love how the various creative teams spend so much time defining terms and functions for internal components that are pretty much never referenced anywhere in the games themselves. That’s how you build a strong series canon that allows new people to enter the team without contradicting anything now or later!

  4. Stefan's Gravatar Stefan
    2013/01/26 Saturday - 5:44 am | Permalink

    Theres also a breif showing of MegaMans skeleton in the intro of the RS TV Series. It doesnt count as schematics,I know,but its cool.

  5. non's Gravatar non
    2015/10/07 Wednesday - 1:28 pm | Permalink

    One more to the collection:

    And there is the one in the Ruby-Spears opening.

  6. Question Man's Gravatar Question Man
    2019/02/16 Saturday - 3:53 pm | Permalink

    “The ability to swipe an enemy’s weapon and use it as your own is some power, without a doubt! Even Wily hasn’t able to completely imitate this system, at least so far.”

    Strange considering that Bass appeared in the same game and its prequel with the same ability, and later in MM10. But as Bass was made accidentally (at least his power source, Bassnium), and Zero learns skills instead of obtaining weapons (except Dark Hold for some reason), does that mean Wily really never managed to truly copy it except for this “accident”?

    Yet, it says that he “hasn’t able to ‘completely’ imitate this system”. So Bass may have some crude, weaker or flawed version of this system, but his other systems and Bassnium compensate the flaws enough for it to be functional and rival Mega Man’s version? They do acquire different weapons in R&F2 (WS).

    But there is also the possibility that Light may have given this ability to Bass (and Duo) at some point, as Bass didn’t display this on early appearances (although he didn’t defeat a boss, being ‘beaten’ by Shade Man). This would reduce the chances of Wily being the responsible for granting this ability to Bass, unless a Mega Buster was stolen from Light’s lab and modified into the Bass Buster without changing what makes the weapon copy functional.

    Worth noting, although not the ability to copy weapons per see, Copy Robot and other robots (Doc Robot, MMPU Wily Machine 1, …) are able to use different weapons, those were likely installed on them from the beginning. And Copy is a copy with everything Mega Man had at the moment, this text suggesting he would be unable to copy weapons like the original (and his Megamix version) if he defeated other robot.

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