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Free-for-all Friday

Taking a little break from all the DASH ongoings, I present Carddas Rockman #44. Rockman battles an onslaught of enemies from the original Rockman game, including Sniper Joe, Crazy Razy, two Killer Bombs, and the Yellow Devil himself. 44. As hordes of enemies rush in, the Rockbuster blasts them away!!

Free Quint Friday

Rockman battles his future self on card 48 of Carddas’ classic Rockman series. Rockman vs Quint 48. Rockman narrowly evades the attack of the mysterious robot Quint!!

Free Combo Friday

For your free pic friday pleasure! A holocard scan from Carddas’ classic Rockman card series featuring the star of the week, Blues! Joining forces with his little brother, these two are unstoppable! Rockman & Blues HP 2200 43. The Creation of the Strongest Combination!? Double Buster Fire!! Kinda gives you a warm, fuzzy feeling, doesn’t […]