Robot Fever

Just something I was mulling over in my head. For those yet unspoiled, Mega Man 10’s story concept involves our heroes battling against a robot virus called Robotenza, the etymology of which I suppose would be Robot+Influenza. I’m fine with Capcom avoiding the traditional “the _____ Virus” naming convention that the X and EXE series swore by, but it still sounds a bit off to me somehow. A little awkward, doesn’t really roll off the tongue. More creative than simply “Robot Flu,” I’ll give them that. It’ll probably grow on me as I hear it more. But I started to wonder if I could do a better job at naming a robot virus. Probably not, but here goes anyway!

  • Robola
  • Robotitis
  • Mechalaria
  • Gearengitis
  • Robolio
  • Robomycosis
  • Robopox
  • Mechatitis
  • Roboculosis
  • Roborrhea
  • Mecholera
  • Robotulism
  • Cybermitosis
  • Robotella
  • Mechlamydia

And, I’m spent. Knowing where some of those disease names originated from, of course, there’s no way they’d be appropriate for a E rated video game. I’m not sure which of those I favor at this point, they’ve all run together in my brain. Maybe Robotenza isn’t so bad after all.

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